Face it and press whatever button pops up, I think. You may also have to stand on/near it and right click it.
Dear, Falacy

It is I Cheese124, I was wondering if you plan on updating or maybe even extending the map?

P.S - Update it please...
How do u unlock tha pet shop on here?

I want a pet, but the pet shop is still locked. there is a flag there but nobody to buy from. Whats tha deal???
this game is just stupid,it wasnt back then,but now it is,u dont update anything,not even your OTHER games like hu1 but u want to update hu2 when u get a chance,bleach eternity 2 isnt been updated in a freaking YEAR what is up,u should update all your games is what im saying
aye idiot,u cant buy pets because it isnt updated
retard... ._.
Great game but the lags kills it
How do i make a turret in game it says to press A and i press it but nothing happens
The game needs updates more. It is fun but I hope to have more zombies coming at me. Not enough zombies to supply my Val needs.
Throwing grenades is fuggin annoing if you can't controll where you throw.
update the friggin game with tanks and turrets
Elbartokiller2000 wrote:
update the friggin game with tanks and turrets
The game already has turrets? If you want tanks, then feel free to add them yourself.
press z
Wait, this game has turrets now?
Oh wait, nevermind I was thinking of stationary turrets that you actually use yourself, not auto turrets.
i'd Subscribe again but, i dnt play dbz anymore and this game needs updates.... and alot more stuff for subs, like helms, guns, and a sub only zone. and you need to update it add cool things
dont care.
guys why did i get banned off stray games?
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