He probably ran out of money because nobody was donating.
All of the servers are up except one, which is still transferring to the new shell. They're on new a new IP address, so if you're trying to connect through bookmarks, that won't work.
when will server 3 be up?
falacy i tested and there is
no lag.Dose it lag for you?
Slightly, but that could be because I'm maxing out my upload speed to transfer files. The point of the lag test was to test the new host shell in general though.
well everyone is saying that there is no lag but i know you can fix it :)
and everyone is calling your name on server 1 saying that there is no lag
when is server 3 gonna be up and falacy do you ever play your own game?
man i wish server 3 was up :(
if anyone has any information about server 3 being up then tell me please cause server 3 is my favorite server
zombiemaster1 is abuising host powers by hacking the sever and giving out icons
falacy can you turn off pvp on server 3?
falacy on the next update on
heroes united 1 you should make so you can lock the red doors inside your house?
ok now focus is only for subscriber dum
Why do subs get all the credit?!Now they gott sub no I can't level up without working xD
Maybe because Falacy needs money? Or is that too complicated for you to understand?
y cant i play any games it says my time in of and it may interfear with byond hub
your time. change it back
yo falacy make a heroes united type of bleach game bleach eternity is no fun
guys stop complaining about focusing only for subscribers just go buy a sub why dont you?
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