Falacy please put on monster kingdom when your done updating or whatever cause I wanna play so badly PLZ Falcy?
Thank you for reading
dude what happened to dbz heroes united?
Hey I was hosting guardians but no one can join for some reason is there something Im missing?
You probably need to port-forward.
hi.can you help me with heroes united? problem is, when im opening the sparring in capsule i have white window named MESSAGE and it is not responding please help me
Try clearing your BYOND cache
<3 Falacyyy~
Remember me? c:
i try this many times but doesn't work >:(
can someone help? when im opening the sparring in capsule i have white window named MESSAGE and it is not responding
what happen to the server Ziddy99 !! its not there in the list when will it come!
For DBZ Heroes United (1)
* In duel Z characters with special abilities dont work like mothering chichi or senister friza
* It sometimes freezes while im playing and i cant end my turn
* Some traps dont activate like melee reversal PlZ fix these ASAP Falacy
Im trying to learn about making games and i have 2 issues right now, i attack and i kill myself real quick, i need 2 not atk myself, and how do i make the title screen come up when i run the world,it just loads with a blank icon cuz i cant create a class.
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JustinFoote wrote:
Im trying to learn about making games

Tutorials http://www.byond.com/forum/?post=292504
Dear Falacy,
I recently checked out your game Monster Kingdom and it is the most awesome game i ever seen and it gave me urge to ask you if you could make a pokemon game like Pokemon World Online but more better cause the owner of that game doesnt want to update his game unless you give him money and when everyone gave him 100$ combined he said he would update but it hasn't been updated in like 2 years and if you could possibly make a pokemon game like that i can get you like a billion subs from that game, there are people on Pokemon Online World who donate 50$ to that game every month to keep that server up on Pokemon Online World so i really hope you agree on my idea about making a pokemon game. I promise you if you can successfully make a good pokemon game you will get a lot of money.
Heroes United (1)
Falacy PLZ fix that card glitch where cards appear in our inventory. I cant IT people to some places fix that and the cards in DUEL Z sometimes dont work like the characters with abilities and the trap card melee reversal and the pictures on the cards are sometimes different like goku card has a vegeta picture these are all glitches that need to be fixed
Ever since you made focus training for subscribers only you lost a lot of members that aren't subscribers. You should make focus training allowed for non-subscribers as well that will increase the number of people that play DBZ HU and it will lead to more people buying subs. All you need to do is make focus training for non-subs slower then memebers with subs.

Also if a player on DBZ HU allows their clan to come inside their house and a player thats in the clan sets the re-spawn at the players house they dont get re-spawned at the house they are left outside. You should fix that.
I'm back from the dead~

Falacy COULD allow focus training for non-subs up to a certain point (maybe around level 100k) and then disable it to encourage non-subs to purchase a sub if they want to continue leveling.

Another option is that Falacy COULD allow focus training at 1/3rd of the current rate and make a pop-up appear everytime focus training is complete to display "Want to level faster?Purchase a subscription!" or "You have earned (levels) but you could earn (levels) if you purchase a subscription!". It may be irritating but if a player wants to level faster, it could be tempting.

Another option is that Falacy could make a player focus train for around an hour and a pop-up that appears in a random location on a screen with a sequence of arrow keys (like HU2) will appear and the player has to press the sequence to continue focus training. The sequence can reset each time an error is made. A message can be provided once the sequence is done stating " Want to train without this annoying button pressing? Want to train forever? Buy a subscription to Stray Games!".

Truthfully, if Falacy decides to limit focus training dramatically but still provide it to non-subs, he could possibly reap in benefits by offering the current focus training.

All of my thoughts are based on some key concepts of focus training.

1.) Focus training occurs at a set rate. Due to this , Falacy could lower the rate for non-subs if he wishes and continously offer the current rate to subs through pop-ups.
2.) Focus trainig is done over a period of time. A player generally focus trains while AFK. Falacy could make it more difficult for a player to focus train over a period of time and offer a subscription to remove this difficulty.

Falacy can easily manipulate things involving around the speed of leveling, the duration of focus training, the level cap a player can focus train to, etc.

Just my 2 cents ;3
Hi its me Jake, i've been looking through the dbzhu icon database recently (sorry) and i found a cool pet called icarus that was gohan's friend in dbz and you forgot to add it to the game :( it would be really cool to have a icarus following me and i'm a sub :/. if you added icarus as a pet it would probably get you more subscribers which equals $. Also, you should make different colors of icarus so people get different dragons. i hope you add it to the game and i hope you give me a special dragon for mentioning it :P.
Falacy is black. >_>
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