[***please read this >o< ***]

Dear Falacy,
You may not know me and you probably had many comments saying this before but:

I been with Bleach Eternity from the third day it was up, or second(forgot lol) up until now(with a long break somewhere in that time period, school gets in the way =/), and it started off really well. I knew it was going to get really far, as it wasnt one of those rips, it was original and the gameplay was unique. But once i found out you were not going to update it I was..well, only way i can put it is: *GASP!* Then I heard (maybe a rumor) that once it hits a certain amount of players you'd update. You didnt update, and player numbers started going down to the fives, and sixes. Sometimes the tens. But not long ago, its started gaining alot more interests from more people, the numbers rising. Its a good game, and will most definitely get far if you update. What I believe is your simply observing and seeing how the game is going, and deciding on updating or not. Maybe I am wrong, but the first step to anything is believing. Well erm..(lol) this comment is just to tell you all the stuff i just said i guess, and I hope you condider in updating it again. It would be awesome. =^.^= I'm not demanding a update or whatever, just that maybe you'd consider it? =P

Bleach Eternity Gamer,(couldnt think of a good sign off D= )


IGN: MissAmyRose

[just a little thing i forgot to say to whoever is reading this: shinigami forever wooo! ^^ lol]

Please Reply somehow >o<
How touching eh? I to like BE, but if he ain't updating then let him lose his players. Only people who actually care an try to write an affectionate paragraph like that are nubcakes an noobsicles. It's a waste of time. Just thought I'd say, to everyone who worships this Falacy, due to the fact that he knows how to program in DM, noobs label him as a god of some sort. No offence to Falacy, he is in fact a good programmer. This "paragraph" doesn't go out to him, it goes to "noobsicles, and nubcakes".

By the slim chance I'm wrong about him not udating, well forget this post.

Just think how much of a kick he gets from all these posts, and emails. I know I would get some big kicks lol.
well Gizhy,

its not really for you to judge.
Least now I know I tried.
no offence, but maybe you misunderstood, but to me, the people who don't even try for what they would like are the true, as you say "noobcakes on noobsicles."

I wanted to try in some sort of way, and I did.
So calling me a noob, for trying to just get him to "consider" it. wow ^^ funny. im not just going: hey! update! because i know its not my choice to make for him, its his, so asking him to simply considering it? i dont see the harm there to be very honest.

I dont just say that for myself, but for the others who would love him to consider it too.

oh, and worship?
well, i simply like his work.
and i know the game would get really far, i wouldnt like to see a game like that just dying when it could get so far. so i dont see why you would consider it worship, as you stated Gizhy. I only worship God.

oh, and your other statement, as in the line ""due to the fact that he knows how to program in DM, noobs label him as a god of some sort.""

only thing i must say to that is that your wrong.
He can program good in DM, which makes people admire his work, and his ability to make such games.(A.K.A. original, non rip games)He spends his own time, creating non rip games, and also dont forget non rip bleach games and well, most other non rip anime games are very very hard to find now a days, so in my own personal opinion i think its quite impressive for him to be original, and make non rip games. Admiration and worship, big big difference. Learn your words please. Maybe try google a dictionary of some sort.

comparing any one person to a god would simply be idiotic, such as what you did. ^^

[[-->sorry, had to say all that. I'm not in a good mood, and when i saw your reply i simply had to reply back, personally because your comment got on my nerve, but what i said is the truth.<--]]

For one, I'm not reading your whole post.. Secondly, I said "for everyone who worships him", and thirdly you're about the 3 millionth post I've seen telling him to update his damn game. Last but not least, I've seen people practically bow down to him, because of his game(s).. (Not Literally, but there words say it all).
Three millionth post or five, I dont really care, its contributing and actually trying that matters.

You'll never gain anything if you simply don't try at all.

And correction:

Im not telling him to update his game, or demanding it. I simply ask him to consider it, and what ever his answer is, I'd live with it due to the fact that I already tried. Its not my choice.
You are clearly blind. Can you not see the point I'm trying to make here? The point is that he'll update his game when he wants, it won't matter if you try or not. He'll do it on his own terms. So have fun and make as many pointless posts as you wish.. I'm finished here. It's like speaking to a tree.. All I get back is "bark".

PS: You should only try when you're sure it'll actually help. Use your brains for once.
clearly you dont see my point.
cant really blame you due to the fact you didnt even bother reading my whole comment back there.

its a thing for myself.
i tried, and asked, so i made an effort.

its not about if it helps or not, and again, its not your decision to see if it helps at all, unless you are falacy =/

clearly, you are deperately trying to get me back for having that comment about you, which i clearly stated i replied with due to my bad mood.

correction: brains? lol..so your suggesting i have more than one brain?

correction2: yes, he'll update when he wants, but consideration is considering when, or ever to update. From what i hear from people, he said he was not going to update the game, so it even may be a never as some people say.

pointless posts?
when did you become the judge around here?
this is falacys page i believe =o

oh, and i should only try if i know it helps?

how would you know if it helps?
trying doesnt mean it has to help, it could be used to prove something.

"Try and Fail, but dont Fail to try" quoted from stephen kaggwa

"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all" quoted from Dale Carnegie

As you see above, many accomplishes have been made from a hope, and putting effort into that hope leads to trying, you dont know if it helps, but you tried, which is all that matters.

three words.
Learn...Some...Literature ^^

And Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream" speech...in his speech he stated many of his dreams, his wishes, and deepest desires, and he fought for them, tryed, not knowing at all how it would end up, but he tried until the end didnt he?
now, what were you saying about "You should only try when you're sure it'll actually help"?
Yeah, I'm mature.. So I'll let you have the last word, go ahead an post something after this... I told you I'm finished, child.

Yeah, an I didn't read your "pointless" post. Good luck trying. Haha.
i would reply to that easily, but i wont.
...i agree i overdid it there x.x
...gomen nasai >o< (sorry)
was in a really crappy mood after studies and all v.v stress.

ps: it didnt take me an hour lulz, knew most of the stuff except for one of the quotes, which took me less than a minute to find, then copy and paste.

pss: how embarassing to have said such things v.v lol

dont take it personally,
i didnt mean the stuff i said,
just lost my temper..im usually not like this at all v.v

falacy why i cant play eternity every time I play the game say: to Another BE A Server Connection Has Been Detected
There Logout Please first if you wish to Play Here
Connection died.
Connection failed.
A Server Connection Has Been Detected
There Logout Please first if you wish to Play Here
Connection died.
Connection failed.
same problem here
plz help
DUDE Why is Sever 3 Down?!! I had an Awesome file on there and now its gone! What the hell?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!
falacy please activate my sub am sure that i bouth it so pleae activate it
Falacy, i need to speak with you about something important, please respond ASAP. Either via pager, or via msn, or email. Pmitch2@hotmail.com.
I made an Icon for a Thompson SMG for Paradise city, please check it, as you said you need someone to help with Icon work, and this is showing you a little somthing I can make, just tell me if you want the download link if you decide to add it to PC, means alot. :3 Sincerly. Devilcrow666.
hi falacy im a good friend of nicholas robin in real life, he told me u were giving life subs away for free, dont get mad at me but im just asking, can i havw a life sub for free?
Yo, hit me up on msn i wish to talk to you about some things.

yo Falacy can you delete my
tradin cap on HU
Sup Falacy When you will complete Bleach Eternity? i wish i know how to Make icon like yours so i can Help you but i suck well all your Games Rocks
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