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Feb 16, 8:33 am
Feb 15, 7:37 pm
The Illuminati is a well known organization.

I will convince you that Falacy IS of the Illuminati.

Lets get to the facts :

A triangle has 3 sides.

Falacy has 6 letters.

6, written 3 times in a row = 666

Falacy has 666 fans.

Falacy is Illuminati confirmed.

Jan 29, 7:59 pm
Hey can you bring your DBZ HU server back up? i dont seem to enjoy the others tbh.
Apr 3 2014, 6:49 pm
why falacy why? i loves hu1 and hu2 it was a game i used to play alot but now i cant plz bring itback it was the best game ive ever played of dbz ever plz falacy listen to your fans we support you
Jan 31 2014, 9:00 pm
Falacy, if you still have the source code, I would like to continue on the creation and updating of the game. I feel your game still has potential. If you accept my offer email me at "xkodytheepicx@gmail.com" if you have a Skype and would like to converse it there, my Skype is "thebrotherhoodhero". Thank You.

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