Fat Albert

Joined: Jun 12 2002


Jan 27, 9:54 pm
Yo for some reason I cant update rampage and now since the update i can see or say anythin in ooc
Nov 2 2015, 1:04 am
are you discontinuing, rampage?

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Fat Albert's Games
Dominoes, the only game when counting dots is fun
About BYONDominoes
Beyblade Elite
We now have bitbeast,Cyber bitbeast, a hud from when battling, also team battling , and alot more come join.
Re: About Beyblade Elite
Halo Revolution
Come Join, The Revolution Just Started *Warning* 10 hours of training is NOT required
Re: About Halo Revolution
NBA Ballers
This is the best basketball game on byond we have some much stuff to do we have Dunking,Cloths and alot more
Re: About NBA Ballers
Pokemon Kingdom
You can play you character on all servers now if any of you have a good bmp of a areana or grass like areana with a sky and stuff it has to be unique i will be paying decent dimes there is more inside ...
About Pokemon Kingdom
Raging Masters
A side scrolling multiplayer game using a combat system similar to Super Smash Brothers
About Raging Masters
Dragon Ball Z: Rampage
The Best Dragonball Z Game BYOND has to offer.
Star Wars: Mystic Potential
An Arena Style Star Wars Game With Mind Blowing Effects, The More You Kill The Stronger You Get.
About Star Wars: Mystic Potential
Star Wars Return of the Jedi
This game is pretty cool for the first version i have added plenty of moves and the hub is pretty cool
About Star Wars Return of the Jedi
Star Wars Undefined Future
Make A Massive Clone Army, Travel Through Space, Engage In A Duel With Some Amazing Lightsaber Action. Come Join, Your Future Is Waiting...
About Star Wars Undefined Future
Star Wars Yongustra Powers
Star Wars, what else do I need to say?
Re: About Star Wars Yongustra Powers
Static Shock
This is a cool game it only has about 34 hours of work done to it but very good for such an alpha game and u can play your character on all servers
About Static Shock
Street Ball
This will become the best basketball game on byond so far these game is so new its unbelieveable i been working on the game for two days so the icons suck right now etc
About Street Ball
The Matrix
This is the first Matrix game on byond.
About The Matrix
Ultimate Fighters 1
Come and check this game out sagas from Radits to Majin Buu 23 saga mobs to fight plus with 6 training mobs just plain alsome come and check it out
Re: About Ultimate Fighters 1
X-Men Rampages
An X-Men Game with 20 characters which all are interchangable awhile in the game, each having thier own unique abilities, come join and see for youself
Re: About X-Men Rampages
Yu Yu Hakusho SD
A Great Yu Yu Hakusho Game.
Re: About Yu Yu Hakusho SD
Fat Albert's Demos
Beam Demo
An accurate beaming demo
About Beam Demo
Fat Albert's Libraries
Displays graphical numbers or words over any object
Re: About X_Damage