So I am in alpha stages of a new rpg I am putting together called Akkimura. To give you a little background story, I haven't been on beyond since like 2010 and I have reformatted my computer about a week or two ago so all the files are gone. And my computer is unable to host a game.

With this bit of info I'll start my story. I used some of the very basic code bases from an old Bleach game I ran (Bleached White.) I removed the source I found on my portable harddrive and removed anything that remotely had to do with bleach... It was pretty much, punching, leveling up, admin verbs like mute, ban, summon, tele, Everything else I re-did, death procs, maps, save file set up. All different. I ctrl+f'd all the bleach names I could think of and then skimmed every .dm just to make sure....

Now I have been working on this for a few days now, I have the basics up and was just talking to my brother about finding a host to release an alpha version. He has yet to see what the game was so far so I launched it in single player mode (again, people can't connect to me when I host). I was asking his opinion on what I should do with the log in screen while sitting there with the NEW and LOAD buttons on the screen. I checked the game and the general "The sun begins to fall and night approached" message popped up. So I turned to talk to my brother and when I turned back on there was a new alert in the text box.

It simply said "info: Bounto has just logged on" Now my reaction was "wtf, how did someone log onto my game, I am on single player mode and can't host if I try" and my brother jokingly said "It's "Ben" referring to a ghost story where a kid gets a haunted Zelda cartridge that is haunted by some guy named Ben. We both laughed and I logged in with a new character getting the "Jinkei has logged on for the first time" message. Then it dawned on me... "How did Bounto already have a save, it said he logged on, not that he logged on for the first time" Now I have played several times for extended periods of time testing things and I had never gotten a message about a Bounto. So I quickly hit Who and it said I was the only one online... So I checked the text log again and sure enough it did not say Bounto logged off... So he should have still been there.... But I thought maybe my Who isn't working correctly. So I went into Admin_Tele to try and warp to this mystery player. But there was no Bounto on my mob list... There was no Bounto on any list... So then I decided that I must have missed a line in the code. A bug from the last game I made with some of this code. So I Ctrl+F'd and checked all pages. Typed in Bounto expecting for find a "World<< "info: Bounto has logged on!" strip or something.. There were no results.... So I searched "Logged on" and everything came up correctly all was "[usr] logged on". There was nothing regarding a bounto in the code.... So how the hell did "Bounto" log in... If he doesn't exist? How does anyone other than myself log in during single player mode?
Jinkei is my alt I made when I played in 2010 because I couldn't remember the info for this account, and common in game name. I never met Bounto before. I had my brother try and join me but it wouldn't work. And I don't recall even setting up a hub page for my game so I find it hard to believe someone found my random port on accident if I was hosting. and I don't get why he wouldn't have a save file if he loaded his character either. I had one.

If it was just some guy logging on, There are a lot more bugs in my game that I know of... lol
If your brother is on you LAN (home connection) he most likely wouldn't be able to join using the IP of your internet connection.

If he used the IP the router has assigned to your computer then yes he would of been able to connect if you set a PORT number of course.

It could be possible he is a friend of one of the accounts you use and saw you playing the game and joined.
I suppose there are plenty of possibilities, it was an interesting little sight though seeing how it didn't show up as a player, yet said it had logged on.
To be sure..... Ask some of your friends... No matter how reasonable the explanation is.
Nobody knew about it, And said they didn't see me playing anything on their pager.
well... try to look for some ''bounto'' keyword on the source code. Maybe it does have some connection with the Owner Code... Like maybe if the owner becomes online, that bounto will appear
I already tried that, no form of the word Bounto is in the code.
hmmm.... I think theres some connection on the HUB or a code on the source code that notifies someone whenever that source code is opened or used... yeah that's right, maybe it's a hacker behind it all. That's the only last and only conclusion I have now. Well, I can't believe Im saying this things now.
or maybe the owner of the code made that one to troll those rippers...
Or maybe this is all just a big joke on all of you from Felivath. "Haunted Code"... honestly. As if code could magically do something that wasn't put in it.
It only happened that one time, I've been loading it up dozens of times since and get no messages. So I don't know what made it happen that once.

And Lugia, I was certainly joking about the "haunted" part. I just thought it was amusing and wanted to share what happened with everyone. You know, bounce ideas back and forth about why I would get a random log on message in single player? I honestly couldn't find anything that said Bounto in the code or anything like that. I don't think it was a ghost, or magic, that would be kind of silly. But it was certainly weird. And my brother made the Ben comment so I threw it into the post. After all Akkimura does stand for Demon Village. What's more interesting "I think my source is haunted..." or "I got a random log on message"... Simple, right? Pick the more interesting title to start a better conversation. I wouldn't say it's a joke on anyone. While I wasn't serious in accusing a ghost, I never planed to try and fool anything into thinking I was.
it sounds like there was a mob in your savefile that somehow logged onto your mob when you logged in or something.. idk. your mob must have been named "bounto" when you logged in and it displayed that message since you were the only client in the world and only clients can trigger Login()
this post really creeped me out D: xD
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Feel's like we are just getting trolled.
Did you use an old save file? Perhaps there was a roll back bug caused by a reference to an old mob named "bunto" that could have been there from the past?
I've been around BYOND for a long time, and i'll tell you, this kind of thing is not at all uncommon.back in 2009 i was logged off of any game, and just sitting there with the blank text screen up, reading my book, and bam. A page full of text about abraham lincoln just showed up out of nowhere. I moved over to the pager tab and nobody had paged me. I still have no idea where it came from.

Before that I used to host fantasy quest online, and we were constantly having trouble with some invisible mob going around with uber beef stats and doing random stuff. like, compleatly random. Kill one high level player in one swing, cast a healing spell on someone else, drop land tiles randomly, change icons of players and mobs randomly(only admin characters had these last command.) It was chaos. I remeber working with the writer to find out who was doing it, but we could never track it down to anyone.d The invisible admin ghost only showed up after there were 15 or more players logged on, but booting connections one by one never did reveal who it was. It would still go around changing icons and stuff after all the players were booted and all the mobs purged using admin commands... was really wierd.
Felivath is making fun of us
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