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Dragonn wrote:
It LOOKS good. Sure theres good things about it.

But its completely overshadowed by a huge bad thing.

BYOND is now forcing us to play the games it wants us to play instead of letting us play the games we want to play.

Majority has already decided what games we want to play, thats why those games have 100s of players. Now they're being hidden where no new player will ever find them. BYOND's front page is filled with original, yet extremely unpopular games. Most new users will see this and leave.

I thought the -last- site update with all its game filtering was bad for BYOND's popularity. But this is now extreme.

BYOND will be dead by the end of 2012 if this keep up. (As the Maya's predicted!)

I totally agree with Maya's prediction - cough -.
it looks good, but i like the way things used to work.
Here are some of the changes I would make to hub entries. Compare it to the current hub entry to see all the differences.

One of the important changes is moving the game title into the table header. The current layout takes more vertical space then necessary and is a little confusing with the buttons. I've never seen a website put buttons where headers should be. Another important change was putting the big orange download button back on the page. If you're there to download something, you gotta have a big orange button.

I removed the links for [Subscribe a friend], [Not a favorite], and [Stop following] because they're somewhat redundant. Subscribe a friend should be folded into the subscription page, and favorite/following should be folded into the Fan thing.

Another small thing I changed was the background color for the featured game banner. I think it should match the color of the featured game boxes on the hub listing. If you're going to associate <font color="#E0D1BD">#E0D1BD</font> with being featured you should make it universal.
Just my opinion but i think this looks terrible honestly if this was the first time i had ever been on the website i would leave, looks like a scam. I think the way it looked before was way better. It looks plain to much white and grey found it more annoying to find games. Sorry to be so negative but i hate this more than aids.
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SuperAntx wrote:
Here are some of the changes I would make to hub entries.

I like these suggestions. We'll play with it some more over the next week.
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