Oasiscircle wrote:
Flindal Kingdoms. Want.

Me too... -sigh-

IainPeregrine wrote:

Morning :) First Byond game I played in 18 months was Regressia. I'm enjoying it. Very nicely done.
Konnichi wa, Flick-san.
morning! about time you woke up :)
I did get to that board game framework over the weekend. I just got distracted by site redesign discussions and holidays.

Fortunately, it seems to be coming along rather well. There's just a few tweaks to make before I'm comfortable releasing it. I hope to get it out by sometime next week.
You came back just to update F_Damage? What a winner!
Good job grave-digging a 5-month old post containing two words and an emoticon.
I might be months late, but I don't care.

Mornin', Flick. You kick major ass around here-- it's good to see you.
You're months late, Goose. Months late.
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