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Oct 5 2012, 11:18 pm
Are you alive?
Dec 29 2011, 1:10 pm
Set the tag value of the stairs you want to travel to, and then set the ref value of the stairs that you want to link to it from. Same for portals.
Dec 11 2011, 8:09 am
how do you place stairs to make them work in Tomb Editor
Aug 9 2010, 9:13 pm
Same, Theironx. Also, Foomer, where'd you go?
Jul 17 2010, 8:38 pm
Where have you disappeared to, o great Foomer?

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Foomer's Favorite Games

by Kisioj | Dec 23 2009
Tags: arcade, words
Simple game. Objective of the game is to type words as fast as you can.
by tenkuu | May 31 2004
Tags: casual, puzzle
Shift around atoms to make molecules in this challenging puzzle game
Avoid the asteroids
by DDT | Feb 9 2002
Tags: arcade
Don't let the job ruffle your feathers.
by Shadowdarke | Oct 2 2002
Tags: action, contest
Eat to live, live to eat. It's Survival of the Fattest!
by Iccusion Entertainment | Jan 8 2016
Tags: casual
Strategically place colored blobs and special pieces to get as many points as possible against up to eight other ...
by Crispy | Oct 5 2003
Tags: board-game
The slimes are revolting! And they've got their own board game.
by Abra | May 23 2004
Tags: defense
They are coming.......Defend yourself
by Adam753 | Apr 11 2008
Tags: defense
A tower defense game with no story
by Lord Ulquiorra | May 13 2009
Tags: arcade
Look out!
by Awakening | Jan 13 2002
Arrange your pieces to force your opponent(s) off the board!
by Efencea | Apr 18 2009
PvP tower defense RTS
by Acebloke | Jun 27 2005
Tags: puzzle, survival
[AMT] Get from the bottom to the top of the board without being hit
by Acebloke | Nov 12 2005
Tags: puzzle, survival
[AMT] Geekdash sequal
by ACWraith | Jun 11 2008
Abstract, competative dungeon-crawling.
by Iccusion Entertainment | Jan 8 2016
Tags: action, casual
Out-click the others in this click-the-connecting-blocks-with-exploding-bombs game. Textmode friendly! Now with four ...
by Skysaw | Oct 13 2002
Tags: casual, words
A new, fun, and easy to learn word game complete with AI personalities.
by Jik | Jul 21 2004
Similar to Othello, but played by up to 6 players trying to gain controll of the 6x9 board (Now with AI)
A simple, addictive strategy board game.
Run are around collecting coins to prove one thing; You are going to be the richest man!
by Mickemoose | Jun 27 2009
Tags: adventure, casual
When all the Maple Syrup in Canadark is sucked away, Who's there to save the day?
by Xioden | Aug 25 2009
"A minute to learn, a lifetime to master." Recreation of the great classic.
by Xogre | Nov 24 2007
Tags: fangame
A classic remake of the old arcade Pacman with a modern look and more features.
by Iccusion Entertainment | Jan 8 2016
Tags: casual, words
Connect letters together to form words for points. Compete on your own or on a team to find the most words and get the ...
by Kisioj | Dec 27 2009
Typing game where you have to defend against zombie horde as long as possible.
by Mickemoose | May 27 2009
Help Fred end his depressing life.
by Gakumerasara | Jul 11 2003
Tags: adventure, text
a text-based adventure game for BYOND
by Naokohiro | May 9 2009
Just a Sudoku Puzzle game.
Relive the glory days of gaming with a new single-player RPG. Regressia is a BYOND game like no other. It is 100% ...
by Ruben7 | Aug 15 2008
Tags: fangame
v2 testing beta is now public! Leave us your feedback, suggestions and bug reports on the forums. Enjoy!
by Jp | Jul 18 2006
Fight monsters and wield magic in an isometric roguelike.
by Lummox JR | Jan 17 2006
A tiny little RPG
by Ganing | Sep 16 2008
Tags: defense, fantasy
A game much like Castle, or Gold Guardians. 12 different types of mages, 60 waves, and loads of Original Fun! A Six Man ...
by Dramstud | Oct 1 2002
Based on a classic German board game
by Air Mapster | Jul 30 2001
Tags: casual, puzzle
An addictive puzzle game
by SuperSaiyanGokuX | Sep 6 2005
Tags: action, fantasy
It's time to fight fire with fire...
by Acebloke | May 17 2007
Tags: casual, maze, puzzle
[AMT] Slide boxes into the holes, but don't get Trapped!
by Foomer | Mar 10 2008
Tags: scifi, strategy
A game about taking over the solar system before your enemies do!
by Forum_account | Dec 10 2009
Tags: rpg, spy
Steal documents and kill other spies!
by Zaole | Mar 27 2009
Tags: rpg
An action-based RPG... with sticks!
Type to beat the stuffing out of your opponent!
by AbyssDragon | May 30 2002
Feature-filled Minesweeper clone
by Vexonater | Jan 14 2005
Tags: rpg
A fun, immersive, boneless single-player RPG
by SuperAntx | Sep 21 2006
Falling colored blocks!
by Foomer | Oct 24 2008
Tags: casual, puzzle
A desktop puzzle/adventure game where your goal is to make your way past various obstacles and find the golden treasure ...
by Tsfreaks | Feb 19 2009
Tags: defense, scifi
Tower Defense Game
by Rothchild | Jun 26 2003
The End of the World Puzzle
by Crispy | Dec 26 2005
Tags: casual, puzzle
Escape from the traffic jam by sliding the cars around.
by Leftley | Dec 19 2004
Explore the dungeon and find the Legendary Treasure Hoard before the other players can!
by Oasiscircle | Sep 12 2009
Tags: contest, defense
Winner of the GiaD 2009 Competition!
by ACWraith | Apr 18 2009
Tags: arcade, scifi
Frozen slave of guilt, gather your people in time to flee.
by Crispy | Jan 10 2004
Tags: adventure, text
Ryan, deceased bank-robber-wannabe, thought he'd get some peace and quiet in the next life. He thought wrong.
by Iccusion Entertainment | Jan 8 2016
Play cards on a board and get points by making various matches in this fun card/board game. Play your friends, or play ...
by Iccusion Entertainment | Jan 8 2016
Tags: casual
Turn based arcade/strategy game for two to four players.

Foomer's Favorite Resources

by Foomer | Aug 4 2009
Tags: autojoin
A library that makes it easy to create autojoining turfs or objects using 13, 16 or 47 states.
by Foomer | May 30 2009
Tags: hud
A system for displaying object lists (icon only), such as inventories, on your HUD.
by Foomer | May 30 2009
Tags: colors, interface
Makes it easy to fade text colors on interface controls as well as adding adjustable shades of black onto the game map.
by Foomer | Aug 10 2009
Tags: hub
A simple library which makes it easy to access data from a game's hub entry.
by Foomer | Jul 27 2009
Tags: maps, savefiles
A map saving and loading system designed for programs that work with a single map at a time.
by Foomer | Aug 25 2009
Tags: interface
A library that makes it easy to use window panes and child controls.
by Foomer | May 30 2009
Tags: sound
Some basic support for transitional music and 3D sound controls.
by Foomer | Aug 27 2009
Tags: events
This library creates a new /trigger datum that makes it easy to have, for example, levers that open and close gates.