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Flame Guardian
Jan 26 2015, 2:26 pm
I'm currently experiencing a runtime error from your sidescroller library. Would you mind looking into it?
Jul 9 2014, 3:30 am
Thank you for your excellent framework and libraries. I've been developing a game using them. I've changed and implemented a few things, but there are still a lot of things to be done.

I'm currently looking for people interested in helping and become a part of the team.

May 11 2014, 12:30 pm
Wooah.. its F_A.. Duuuuude.

Ha. Really though, i am someone who is aware of a lot of your contributions while here on byond, browsing through your many posts and resources and such, which almost always either helped me in some way (should possibly go back to read through some things again soon >.<), or gave me something interesting to think about... so thanks a lot for that :).

This was somewhat slow on the uptake i suppose, compared to when you posted, but yeah good to know you're still alive/ sometimes around :D. Hope to see more of you*.

*More Libraries, developer discussions/help, guides and so on please >D ... Just kidding.... kinda..
:| come back? ;_;

-cough- Alright, I'm outta here. >.> Have good times :D
Feb 28 2014, 4:26 am
Just a bug report kind of/I guess. On part four of your tutorial, you have the enemy movement part. It no longer works, I tested both my files and yours.

It will only work if you make it mob/enemy and even then it moves left to right at a rapid pace.
Feb 19 2014, 12:37 pm
Just leaving this here to let you know I finished a game using your Sidescroller library:

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