I don't think I'm missing points, they just don't apply. Often in an RPG, it all comes down to damage input vs. damage output, but that's not the case here, this is a platformer. If you look at Super Mario Bros, Mario's DPS is way higher than any enemy's DPS so the game should be trivial but it's not.

Toadfish wrote:
Talking about PvP, If combat is centred on actually landing hits, then small and fast abilities would be easier to use than big and slow abilities, even if they are statistically less effective.

The same goes for PvE. If there's an enemy standing next to you, you'll use a melee attack. If there's an enemy on the other side of a gap you can't cross, you'll use a ranged attack. If there are enemies on both sides of you, you'll use an attack that hits enemies on both sides. It'll be like Mega Man - you'll have a mega buster equivalent, an attack you use most of the time, but you'll also have abilities that will be more effective in different situations. The situation is more important than the damage done by the ability.

With that said, I would have to agree with Darke that the armor system needs more depth. He does have a point, at least regarding potential DPS - which is all we have to go by right now. But, I think doing things by percentage is not the way to go, as I do like the idea of certain enemies being invincible to "weak" attacks, or such things, and the opportunities this opens. Perhaps this is better handled through a different mechanic, however.

It might not be the most interesting combat system, but this balance issue won't exist because it's not the same as WoW - I don't have to balance this for dual-wielding rogues and warriors using slow two-handed weapons. The inclusion of magic damage, which could be split up into individual elements, could make things more interesting. The math would essentially be the same, it would just have separate calculations for each element.
PvE would be different given that AIs do not respond like humans do. Combat would be more focused on raw numbers than mobility, I imagine.
Mobility will be a big factor even in PvE. A lot of the game is just platforming so combat isn't always necessary. A lot of the time enemies will be there just to get in your way and make the platforming parts harder. When combat is necessary (ex: boss fights) it'll still be based heavily on mobility. The way you win isn't by having more powerful attacks, it's by being better at avoiding their attacks.
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