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Feb 28, 7:26 am
Just a bug report kind of/I guess. On part four of your tutorial, you have the enemy movement part. It no longer works, I tested both my files and yours.

It will only work if you make it mob/enemy and even then it moves left to right at a rapid pace.
Feb 19, 3:37 pm
Just leaving this here to let you know I finished a game using your Sidescroller library:
Jan 25, 2:50 pm
Just a general question mostly, though I do always find myself keeping your Keyboard and Warps libraries handy. I'll keep you posted if I ever produce anything substantial using your libraries. :)
Jan 25, 2:40 pm
The libraries are completely free to use however you'd like. I'd appreciate some type of link to whatever libraries you use - it's not an ego thing, it's just to draw attention to them so more people will see them and maybe give them a shot and be able to develop a game.

Are you asking this as a general question or do you have a particular project you're working on? If so, keep me posted about how it's going. I probably won't do much work to update these libraries, but, as always, I'd love to get feedback about how you're using them and what you'd like to see changed or added.
Jan 23, 6:19 pm
Figured this would be the best place to ask, but are there any sort of licensing terms for your libraries? I know BYOND's not very big on licenses but I want to make sure I'm using your libraries in the correct manner and attributing the right sort of credits for them, as well as getting your stance on them being used in commercial works.

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by Brettpenzer | Oct 22 2011
BlockHead in a BlockWorld!
by Bravo1 | May 8 2011
Tags: demo
Man has an innate fear of the dark for a reason...
Gather your friends, and embark in a fast paced multiplayer roguelike adventure!
by DivineTraveller | Aug 25 2010
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This is what happens when a man dreams... of boxes.
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Explore epic dungeons and slay epic foes with your friends in a huge, epic fantasy action RPG world.
An action-platform game based on exploration and evolution.
by Forum_account | Feb 29 2012
A playable demo created with the Pixel Movement library.
by Forum_account | Sep 14 2010
A mix of Minesweeper and an RPG
by Forum_account | Dec 11 2009
Tags: rpg, spy
Steal documents and kill other spies!
by Bravo1 | Aug 18 2011
Full on Combat.

Forum_account's Favorite Resources

by Forum_account | May 23 2012
Tags: framework, rpg
A framework for developing action RPGs.
by Forum_account | Jul 8 2010
Tags: ai
This tutorial builds off the concepts in my Enemy AI tutorial.
by Forum_account | May 11 2012
Helpful procs for creating autojoining turfs and objects.
by Forum_account | Oct 9 2011
Tags: effects, lighting
An easy way to add dynamic lighting to your game.
by Forum_account | Jun 28 2010
Tags: ai
A sequence of examples that start with simple enemy AI and introduce new features one at a time.
by Forum_account | Oct 11 2011
Tags: effects, lighting
A library to create an RTS-style "fog of war" effect.
by Forum_account | Aug 25 2010
Tags: procs
This library simplifies some of DM's clumsier features and adds new features that DM should have.
by Forum_account | Feb 11 2012
Tags: hub
An easier way to manage BYOND's hub-based features.
by Forum_account | Nov 15 2011
Tags: hud
An easy way to manage screen objects.
by Forum_account | Mar 15 2012
Tags: effects, icons
An easy way to generate and process icons.
by Forum_account | Aug 18 2010
Tags: interface
Provides a better way to interact with interface controls than the built-in winset/winget procs.
by Forum_account | Aug 25 2010
Tags: interface
Simple examples of how to use my interface library.
by Forum_account | Dec 2 2011
Tags: macros
A library for handling keyboard input.
by Forum_account | Oct 11 2011
Tags: maps
An easy way to create multiple instances of a map. Each instance is put on its own z level.
by Forum_account | Aug 26 2011
Tags: mouse
Provides a way to get pixel-precise mouse coordinates.
by Forum_account | Jan 27 2012
Tags: overlays
An easy way to manage and manipulate overlays.
by Forum_account | Dec 14 2010
Tags: movement
A pixel movement library for isometric and top-down maps.
Create custom DM reference pages that appear in Dream Maker's help.
by Forum_account | Apr 18 2011
Lets you specify regions of the map that trigger Entered and Exited events.
by Forum_account | Oct 16 2011
A sample top-down shooter.
by Forum_account | Nov 3 2010
This library gives you the basic movement system of a platformer. You can make an action/platform game in minutes!
A playable demo of the features from the Sidescroller Challenges.
by Forum_account | Feb 4 2012
Tags: screen-text
An easy way to create speech bubbles on the map.
by Forum_account | Mar 13 2012
Tags: text
Some handy text procs.
by Forum_account | Feb 11 2012
Tags: icons, maps
Automatically generates edge icons for turfs and places them on the map.
by Forum_account | Oct 2 2011
Tags: visibility
A library to manage image objects.
by Forum_account | Feb 11 2012
Tags: maps
An easy way to create tiles that warp mobs to another location.