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As long as the throttling or filtering isn't done by each game instance it sounds ok.

It's handled on a per-user basis.

I suppose I can include am option to toggle cross-server chat. I'm sure TRC supports it, but I don't need complex ignore lists and channel systems. I figure that unified chat will rarely be useful just because of how the game is (how often will someone be playing the game, have a question, bother to ask it with the hope that someone can answer it, and receive a good answer?), so I don't want it to be a burden on the users who won't really benefit from it.

It all depends on how and whether you think it might benefit you. Suppose for instance that you made a 'blog post about AMA and ask "What did you think of the last update?" You'll probably get several responses over a few days; perhaps none at all. Now suppose you sent that message to TRC. Your entire online TRC-linked playerbase just had your question popup in their chat windows in whatever games they happen to be playing.

Also keep in mind it isn't a system for exclusive communication between a subset of games. For example, if I were playing TRC-linked AMA, I'd be chatting with players in any of the channels I've subscribed to, all while building scaffolds across monster-infested pits.
For the past 3 weeks i havn't been able to host any of my games using TRC. I dont know why there not hosting cause i have been using the right port numbers but nothing.
Well, as soon as my current project is worth a shit, I'll implement this. It'll be a few weeks minimum though. In about two weeks school ends, so by 6/20/11, you should see a new game on the market with implemented TRC. Although even then it may not be worth a shit.

Also, I did some reading up, you were saying that you can join other games through this system. I have a few questions about this.
1) Does it open in the same, or a different game window?
2) How effective to inducing new players to join a game do you think this system would be?
Oh, also, does this connect through your server, or will this put more strain on my own server? I run with a single-core 2 Ghz, with multiple processes other than my deamon server and would like to know if I'd need to tone down anything.
looking forward to it! I hope to have added some additional features by then.

1) The game loads in a new window; it's basically just a byond:// link.

2) If you mean the "join game" system, then at present, not very effective. TFS/TRC itself will probably get you some traffic. It's a matter of getting people to subscribe to your channel (e.g. by making a post in TFS:Main) and then making a post or sending out a TRC message about your hosting sessions. There are a handful of TFS users subscribed to some of the less active forums simply because they are interested in up-and-coming games.

ninja edit: The effect on your server should be minimal, but yes, you'll be transmitting info to/from the TRC/TFS server.
Thank you for your response, now that my summer has started I'll have some free time to work on my up and coming game. And I'll most deffinately implement TRC.
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