plz i need it
Oh Garruea, Im the new Akatsuki leader so we need your help soon in the verb transtion and such. If you could get on it would be greatly appreciated.
yo its me Zzp ur #1 fan whoooooo we have gone a long way we have passed into the top 10, then we beat Naruto Way of The Shinobi(NWOTS), then we went into the top 5, then we beat Naruto Birth Of A Legandary SHinobi(NBOLTS), I hope we beat Bleach Las Noches, Naruto Shinobi Revision and, finally GOA WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Hello, i want to submit my game to this guild, its not like other naruto games, with brand new icons!

hub :

The games name is Naruto HNB ( Huge Net Battle )
fazer um serverdo byond
any1 wants an iconner?
CuriouzKobez wrote:
i like the game alot but i don't understand why we can't have girl clothes.
i mean it's bad because girls will have to look bad while boys look fine.

You know what that is a good idea, I'll get my bro to iconning girl icons but post which ones alright.
well i was also thinking about having girl clothes prob a dress, sakura suit, ino suit, hinata coat, tenten suit, umm kurenai suit, blouse, skirt, o.o and temari suit ;3 k
i dont get t it says i have to install something elese
wat do i do garruea i love this game
do i have to install something else
good work
i ranked your game and here is my prof

key: RenHyuga

name on hidden shadows : Ren
Dude I've played alot of naruto games on here and this isn't b'n a kiss ass ur game is awesome realy it is and I'm not try'n to complane about this cuz its not a big deal but every now and then when I did missions it wouldn't let me do missions and these were S rank just though u would wana know still a huge fan man.
peace out
Garruea wrote:
Thanks guys. There will also be another update soon for some more bug fixes.

I don't like it cause it a rip but that is just me there only a couple games that i really like. But this game is decent and i play it.
i swear this the best naruto game ever every one plays it my god u are a good creater u no wat u are doing man
i told everyone of my friends about this game u are the best creater ever keep it up u will never let me downthx for this good game man
I think we should definetly get an Uchiha overhaul and add Kirin and Chidori Nagashi and Chidori Sword or something like that. Maybe add a Sasuke style Uchiha and an Itachi style Uchiha. Just an idea. Good game Garruea, log on soon =)
lol im trying say this man were u at man its been awaile man get on the game man ..MAN!! lol sike it Shaadow how u been Axel
hey garruea i like the game but some1 banned me ur game lokss like the real naruto game ever
u rule
can sum1 tell me da link? plz?
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