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Dareb wrote:
it can be used either way.

The english language is wide and complex, it has room for many odd words. But it does not have room for people like you.

The english language grows, and continues to grow.

Aswell is a word.

However, it doesn't grow at your whim. Like I said, show me an online reference showing the definition of "aswell," and I'll give you 100 dimes.
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your right, i shouldnt have called him an idiot.

less than educated, incorrect, frail understanding of the complexities of the english language and intolerance of dictionaries finding only to be the only source of words.. well it cant have them all.

Sorry about your luck
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Aswell may be a word, but it would certainly seem that you are its lone user...

Considering that three other people, all of whom live in different parts of the country (well, one of them now resides in another country) and all speak English as a native language, have each spotted that "aswell" is not a word... I'd say that speaks volumes for the universal validty of your invention...
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must EVERYTHING be online?

if even one english dictionary holds a word, no matter how odd it may appear, that word is irrefutable.

and like you said, "it doesn't grow at your whim" which means once a word has been made. It cannot be un-made.
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Super, I'm not sure if you were around at the time, but many of us remember this one: [link]
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Dareb wrote:
must EVERYTHING be online?

It's the only way we can check each other here. There are at least 20 or 30 online dictionaries. PICK ONE, and find your non-word. I'll extend the offer to "hedro" as well, since you never admitted that wasn't a word either.

if even one english dictionary holds a word, no matter how odd it may appear, that word is irrefutable.

So show me even one.

and like you said, "it doesn't grow at your whim" which means once a word has been made. It cannot be un-made.

No. That's not what it means. It means that you, Dareb, are not enough to make an English word.
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Less than eduacted? I believe this is a very clear case of the "pot calling the kettle black"...

As for the insult of thinking that I would only check for the word you've made up, I'll have you know that the truth is otherwise... At first, I didn't even bother an attempt to look it up, because I'm 100% positive of its inexistence... However, just now, to prove you wrong, I looked in a published dictionary (a Webster's, to be precise) and found nothing... Not to mention finding nothing on

And Skysaw is the creator of Kwijibo, a game that utilizes many dictionary resources... And if he disputes its validity, then that means that ALL of those sources fail to include it... If it's an official construct of the English language, then certainly at least one of his resources would include it...
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Holy cow... I believe we owe Dareb an apology, if for nothing else but sympathy for his terribly uneducated environment...
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Well, the English language is versatile.

many words in the English language were created from Latin words, many words in the english language sound very much the same as those words in another language with not much difference in the meaning.

Also, The further people are apart, the less likely they are to speak in similar manners, even if their language is the same.


Besides, notice the words as and well.
say them together side by side.. Only one syllable.

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Still not a word, but since you are famous for the quote "if people correct me ill just shrug them off" [sic], perhaps we should stop trying to help you?
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ive been writing that word, using it on byond countless times in these forums. elsewhere, and in daily life.

Never has anyone corrected me.

That is why I find this to be retarded, and retarded arguments hurt my Ego and ID greatly, especially when the crooked and obviously severly broken finger is pointed at me.

Undoubtable broken many times having been waved in the faces of many who do not desire such attention.

and My id right now wants only for the brainless judgementals to simmer down and quiet themselves.
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Not to mention "aswell" can wind up sounding to someone like "a-swell", am I right?

(Darn these school computers! Always fizzing my brain up more than normal!)

[EDIT] Skysaw isn't brainless. Neither is SuperSaiyanGokuX.
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But differences in pronunciation are not the same as creating new words out of two individual words...

Granted, this has been done officially in the English language in many, many cases... Words like "online" and such are results of this versatility you speak of, in the evolution of the language...

However, none present but yourself seem to be aware that "as" and "well" have been officially grafted into a single word... You must admit, that removes a hefty chunk of the credibility of your claim...

And I just want to make clear that "aswell" is two sylables, no matter if there's a space in between them or not...
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look punk, dont bring up the past.
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Sorry for your plight. Of course, you bring it upon yourself. Things would go much more smoothly for you if you simply learned to thank people who correct you, and move on, instead of stubbornly insisting to assert something ridiculous.
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Dareb wrote:
look punk, dont bring up the past.

I promise not to, if you promise not to repeat it.
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Dareb, I don't mean to be rude to you or anything, but you've defended yourself well, but you're being a tad excessive. If you would kindly lay down the hammer, I'm sure everyone else would.
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still, credible or not you all have no right to criticize now, after being ignorant of it up till now.
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Dareb wrote:
Yes, I type incredibly fast, and incredibly accurate at it aswell.

Im quick to repair any mistakes I make, and damn, im way ahead of the rest of these people.

Most typists also always use correct punctuation. Heh heh heh.

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I dont find this to be a matter of being stubborn, skysaw.

I find this to be a form of blind injustice from a group of pushy pricks.
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