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Nov 13 2010, 6:46 pm
I need some help. Your var_dump library...could it be used as a save system for players? How exactly would I go about saving/loading them? It seems like it would be very convenient.

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Gazoot's Favorite Games

by Xooxer | Sep 8 2006
Tags: chat
The greatest chat program on BYOND!
by DDT | Mar 2 2002
Because you're the janitor. And it's snot.
by DDT | Jul 17 2005
100 years ago the spaceship launched. The humans are dead. The robots remain. Can you be the Last Robot Standing?
by SuperSaiyanGokuX | Jul 23 2003
Tags: action, horror
Not for the faint of heart...
by Gazoot | Mar 5 2001
A colorful board game that requires some planning!
by Gazoot | Jun 30 2002
Tags: action, casual, puzzle
Find all gems in caves filled with boulders and dangerous traps!