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Afk Demo
A nice AFK demo that allows player to be immoble during gameplay.
About Afk Demo
Boat Demo
A nice boat demo I decide to work on, this boat demo will come in good use for those high quality figured games.
About Boat Demo
Equipment Demo
I've generate this complex equipment system.
About Equipment Demo
Mouse Demo
This demo will show you how to use the mouse. Sorry the real source are back up now.
About Mouse Demo
NPC Demo
NPC Demo has 3 lot NPC, good and usable for those new beginners.
About NPC Demo
Potion Demo
I dedicated this demo to my one and good friends Xx Stunt xX others can use this though.
About Potion Demo
Transportation Demo
This will show you how to get from one area to another by walking through it.
About Transportation Demo
Weapon Icons
8 free and exclusive icons I made, there will be more to be released.
About Weapon Icons