hmm well I'll work on it a bit and make it presentable if enough people want it.
If you're having trouble with my HUD library, post questions on its hub entry. What you've posted in the screenshot is pretty easy to create with the library. It'd be something like this:

parent_type = /HudGroup


for(var/y = 0 to 4)
for(var/x = 0 to 7)
add(x * 32, y * 32, "item-slot")

pos(128, 96)


hud_inventory = new()

And you can call the hud_inventory object's hide() and show() procs to show or hide the inventory. You can also call its pos() proc if you want to change where it's located. It certainly beats writing code to compute screen_locs by hand.
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I understand all of that except where the item slot comes into it, what is that all about?
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"item-slot" is the name of an icon state.
okay one sec I'll try this in my game and see what happens.
Err nothing happened.
Edit. Okay I got something now.
Try adding this:

icon = 'something.dmi'

hud_inventory = new(src)

You have to set the icon to be used by the hud group object. All objects created within it will inherit that icon value.

You also have to pass the mob to its constructor to tell it who the inventory should be shown to.
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Okay I'm going see if I can get this to work for me just cos it save me time lol.
You're coming a long way, GreatFisher. You should be very proud of your accomplishments.
Why thank you, I hope this game may someday be up with the likes of nestalgia and SS13, it's unlikely but I can live in hope.(and not just my coding improved, so has my grammar lol)
Oh wait, everytime I make something that requires few lines of code I have to make a post about it?
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*Enter the piontlessly nasty person*
Avainer, behave yourself. Nice job GreatFisher, as someone learning to program, I understand it's nice to accomplish even the smallest thing :)

But yeah go steel F_A's stuff now :P
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ok bb
I made a HUD inventory system with a crafting system was originally made for Feed when I was working on the project, I might make it a Library as it can be implemented into any game

I'm sure I released a demo a while ago when I was working on it but it is fully finish now, I LOVE WORKING WITH THE HUD!
The HUD Groups library has an on-screen inventory demo.
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