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A very nice person on the web.


Oct 5 2014, 12:23 pm
GUNBUDDY where is MJ?!! Please?
Jan 25 2014, 8:33 am
hey gunbuddy13 I have been trying to ask you something if you would please email me at I would appreciate it thank you
Nov 6 2013, 4:47 pm
Added a MJ game to help remind you of the awesomness that you once had. MysticJourneyOriginal

Aug 18 2013, 12:55 am
Hey Gun, I've been a long time fan of yours ever since you had created MJ. I know you have been currently working on other projects. However I was wondering if once you were done with those projects. Is there a way for you to resurrect Mystic Journey? I couldn't imagine how much of a hassle the task would be. I do know though that your original Mystic Journey was the only reason I played on byond during that time. Now that byond has changed, I believe if the original owner of MJ releases it back out. Byond would be supportive of your the resurrected MJ. More importantly though you would probably get more playing then before. Because byond's traffic is at least three times as many as there were when the original mj was up. Here's my last rant.... Your game has created a really good community.
For instance, I've seen people playing the other versions of MJ and everyone of them that I have met all started from your original MJ. That community does nothing but help. No matter if they team up with someone who's new and helps them learn the ropes. Or hell some will help them out by lending them weapons to get them started. If we can do all that with just a few loyal players of your game. I could only imagine what your resurrected version would do. You already got people from the old MJ to act as a sort of guide for the newer players that do join for the first time.
I truly believe your game is different from many of the byond games here. Your game is what makes the players act the way they do, the team work in many different ways. Not to mention personally when I first played your MJ game it was the version where you had to add the skill points to stuff like power or guard. I didn't really have a clue what I was doing, but I asked around and instead of people calling me noob they were considerate and helped me out till I could fend for myself. The game it self was great too, I loved watching how it developed. There's honestly not another rpg on here that was like yours. Not that the other rpg's are bad. but just saying that MJ was just a different type of rpg all together. Besides if the original creator was to bring back. Then I would assume byond would support it once more. Cause your game was an original rpg even way back then. Byond now is being more supportive toward original byond games. Not to mention there has been a shiot load of players on here now that has never gotten the chance to experience what some of us older players have.
ok.. really this is the end of my rant I have no right to bring this up, but I just want all the new players from byond enjoy the game I spent years playing! Anywho Good Night.
May 23 2013, 1:09 pm
Its so cute that you guys had this whole little conversation on my member page :)

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