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It's abuse if you don't do it on sombody without asking first but, here are some interesting things that can be done with Code Edit, especially for those who want a status with flashy colors.

I'm no coder, got no real idea of it's purpose but editing that is like this...

Gyro Gun Messed with Suffix!

But it's on the players online, so you could pretty much add a keypoint to yourself encase sombody wants to find you when there are masses of characters around by tons of people.

Enter it in with text any way you want, bypass the limit but not always reccomended, best for for those who want to stand out in a text-fashion kinda way, abuse if done without permission.
Steal and NPC for either good or bad, either abuse or to delete an NPC that is just offencive.
Setting this to 1 can screw sombody up, setting this to 0 is also a fix, eliminate the wait for being able to speak after displaying an image.
You can silently boot one or two people with this by changing the text to sombody else or somthing that is not a name. Might just bug your server or have fake players on the list (They don't add to total plays by the way. XD).
Peforming admin abuse with these is your fault, not mine and I will not be responsible for your code tinkering, but this is mainly to help hosts/head-admins get a little more out of one command.
Yeah this is one of the reasons Edit code is isolated to head admins. I will look into making this a Owner only command if it becomes a problem but it allows head admins to manipulate variables.

Don't make it owner only, leave the acess to Code-Edit as it is, everybody will be fine.
I just think that people should reconsider who they give Head Admin to, a lot of people are always whining about how someone abused?
That's the host's fault for giving everyone Head Admin. if you want people to just administrate the server. just give them Admin-status or below. simple as that.
It's funny because I'm the one who started playing around with Code Edit then suddenly it became cool. /hipster.
Not really, code-edit was used before RPU still, even then I been playign around with it alot more than you back then Kooler, many games had it. Good example of useage in the past. When I used to host SS13 before power came, played with it alot.
That, and Kooler. you're not the only one that fucked with Code-edit, many people did it when the release came out and still do, so. :/
that awkward moment when everyone fails to realize i was trying to be hipster as fark, y'all fake and gay outta here. >:/
*Changes Icon for this post* Well I was using Code Edit and RP Unlimited before it was cool. *Adjusts Glasses*
I was using cool before it was RP Unlimited.
I was Ulfric Stormcloak before it was Skyrim.
I was anything before it was everything.