I'm trying to code up something for Macros, I have it set the command text to ".alt ", doing JUST what the BYONDScape article by Ebonshadow says, BUUT, when it comes to test it, I press the defined button, nothing happens. (I have them defined as Z and X, help please?)

Note: This is to help my younger brother, Buzzyboy.
maybe you can define them as procs?
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Tried it.
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hmm show the code
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Perhaps I should mention that erm, it mentions it as nothing defined for the button.
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got me i don't know how
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What does the code look like in the .dms file? You did create a .dms file and defined the macros, right?
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[EDIT] It has no errors in DM, just in the game, when I try to test it.
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Well, if it's telling you that the macro isn't defined, then it's probably not defined properly. Either that, or the .dms file is not included in the project, and therefore isn't being compiled. I really can't help unless I can see what your code looks like for defining the macro in the .dms file.

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Was using .DM
Hehe, my bad,
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heh, it happens.