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Hazukie's Games
Crime Life: A Mafia Story
It's back!!! A brand new update and it's moved up to Version 2.0 Now it's a Mafia game.
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DBZ A New Era
A brand new Free World DBZ Roleplaying game. You make your character's story and path
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DBZ RP Paradise
Read Inside....
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Dragonball Adventures
Welcome to Dragonball Adventures. A Scenerio Roleplaying Game like DBGJ. We have a lot done. All Sagas up to Buu. Come in and enjoy. Looking for Admins. Apply with Hazukie.
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Hazukie's Demos
Legend of Dragoon Starter Source Code
Here's a source code of a game I didn't get a chance to finish. Has some good stuff good if your new or if your moderate.