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A freelance game developer who worked with FMOD, OpenGL, RakNet, Bullet, DirectX9, and OpenAL. I also developed games on the Phantum Engine, RAGE, ClanLib, LWJGL and PyGame. C/C++ and Java are my primary programming languages, while Python/Perl/PHP, VB, R


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HolyDoomKnight's Favorite Games

by Mobius Evalon | Jul 16 2007
Classic chess, with support for multiple fairy pieces.
Under Beta development (Text MUD) - Production ceased, until 18/12/2009
by XxDohxX | May 13 2006
Tags: paint
A BYOND version of pictionary!
by Ruben7 | Aug 15 2008
Tags: fangame
v2 testing beta is now public! Leave us your feedback, suggestions and bug reports on the forums. Enjoy!
by HolyDoomKnight | Apr 15 2004
Production ceased, will continue on 18/12/2009

HolyDoomKnight's Favorite Resources

by Dantom | Nov 29 2002
Tags: database
Access databases from DM.
by Yota | Mar 15 2004
Tags: effects
A ring of death, or health, or just something pretty... you decide.

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