I'm going to try to finish a couple of the not-yet-implemented aspects of terulia.com, specifically user profiles and user-based file hosting.
I will get the seemingly never ending 1.1.3 update for Teka Co Chat finished. By the power of the gods!

That seems kinda cheating, since I've actually had it pretty much finished like four times but it's been wiped four times too, so it's more of a commit from memory than get something new done, maybe a secondary task would be appropriate?

I'll get the Server Manager 2 into a state of at least personal Server Managability!
Already working on an update to Freeze Tag HideAway. But I'll use this to re-double my efforts to get it done. I'd love some feedback. Go here and leave and comments and suggestions if you want:
I am going to try to finish the SH 4 Water prison map for my silent hill game http://www.byond.com/games/Ss4gogeta0/SilenthillOnline
Although not confirmed, I am looking at getting slight help for my main prospect.
I was hoping for JKD2. :(
I'll try to get something done, I'll post about it later after I've got enough progress. (:
I'm planning on releasing another library or demo:

http://www.byond.com/members/ DarkCampainger?command=view_post&post=113057
I will be doing a contest I guess
IainPeregrine wrote:
Sure. I've already got an update for CQ ready, I'm just waiting on this one guy who didn't want me to release it until something on his end was finished.

I went down to the pet store but they hadn't received their shipment of turtles yet.
...wah, crap. How'd I miss this post?

Honestly, I have no pending projects that I think I could finish in a month, because they've got too little work put in anyway. Hopefully, the previous rule of being able to just make a project specifically for GSD still applies... in which case I'm going to try to redo my BYOND Driller.
I'm throwing my hat in the ring. Personal blog entry to follow.
You can't pledge to write a blog post about procrastination!
You can't pledge to write a blog post about procrastination!

Dammit. Well, in that case, I'll write a blog post detailing the technical specs of the game I'm pledging to do.
Looks like I'm supposed to announce my project specs here, so here it is:

1. Round-based game that generates a random map with minerals and starting positions for each player "team."

2. Players accrue credits from participation that enable full customization of their digging units. This will be saved to the host.

3. There will be some NPC opposition to keep things interesting when there's no players around to play with. (This is something I felt Leftrey's original masterpiece Lode Wars could have used.)

4. Fully enabled sound and help system.

Basically, I'm picking up my GSDC from '10 and making it my '11 project.
Myself and Chris gayle are entering a small project we started a few days ago called "Armored Units."

It'll be based around an a post apocalyptic world(In a sense),where war has ravaged the land.

players take on the role of a novice pilot of An Armored units(mechs)

myself or chris will post full details on the project a little later.
I'm going to be participating in the anti-procastination party... just as soon as I get around to it. I've got three or four libararies to finish up and another to actually start on. Somewhere in there, I've got some tests to run and a game to write.
A shift in priorities, seems what I will be getting done this month is severel essays and a College project.
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