EmpirezTeam wrote:
Anyone who ever thought the government truly cared about them is beyond naive
I'm sorry, but didn't the (American)Constitution almost not pass for fear of taking rights from the people?

"I said as much on the first night that I attended an Occupy Providence general assembly, during the "People's Soap Box" portion. Up until last night I was still viewing myself as an observer, even though I'm dug in deeper than many of those camping in the park who are just there for the social phenomenon and who are actively resisting any movement toward structure or a cohesive message."

I think this beautifully shows what these movements are like, there are fellows like yourself there with common sense and others that are only there to engage in some post-60's hippyness.

In the UK's London Occupy movement they managed to get temporary support from St Paul's Cathedral before them changing their mind (which I believe is down to them just acting like tramps other than committing to any actual political action) and now the priest who let them stay in the first place has resigned.

I would suggest that you head hunt the likeminded people, form an organisation and filter away from the camp protests and start acting like a lobby group. If your lucky, the media will see the continuation and start focusing on you and asking you for interviews than doing silly videos of people camping in the news roundup.
Acebloke wrote:
I would suggest that you head hunt the likeminded people, form an organisation and filter away from the camp protests

Different people have different strengths. I'm goal oriented, probably from years of programming. Activism is something relatively new to me, and I don't have the experience organizing people. I don't know the issues as well as many others there who are not as goal oriented. I have to remember the same thing I tell other people who get out of hand: the occupy whatever movement is not a vehicle for your personality. I can push the group in a direction, and nobody knows what form this will take in the upcoming weeks, but it would not be a good idea, right now, for me to fracture the group.

and start acting like a lobby group.

Perhaps you could express this idea without the word "lobby" in it? So much of what we are protesting against is lobbyists and the lobbying system that has replaced our representative democracy. Last night I was on the soap box, again, and asked the question "are we a political organization?" which got the answer I was counting on: an overwhelming no. Politics is one tool we have, but our movement seeks to use all tools at our disposal. I could think of no worse end for us than to become another lobby group.
I agree with this.
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