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I am just a long term player. I've been on byond for 5 years now. I am quite knowledgeable about byond. I love PC games and how they are made. I am a game programmer and developer on byond, but I am slowly venturing out to other languages! ^-^

InuTracy's Games
A good .Hack fan game by InuTracy
Re: About .Hack/Legacy
Call for help where people can come and help eatch other with coding!
About CallForHelp
Digital Paintball
A paintball game that goes where all the other have failed to succeed!
About Digital Paintball
Can you survive it?
About L-I-F-E
Ragnarok Byond
A Ragnarok Remake for Byond
Re: About Ragnarok Byond
InuTracy's Demos
Combat System by InuTracy
About CombatSystem
An equiptment demo by InuTracy
About Equiptment
Mud Starter Kit by InuTracy
About MudStarter
Multi-Tiled by InuTracy
About Multi-Tiled
NPC Talk
NPC Talk by InuTracy
About NPC Talk
Random Tiles by InuTracy
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