Azusa RP by Inutaishos
A Roleplaying Game, Fight against the Underworld Army in the Great War to protect Earth and your friends from the Death Lord!
297 fans · Created Mar 8 2012

You can download the standalone client here: azusa-installer-v-11

Also keep your eyes at Azusa's Facebook Page for news about updates and stuffs:

First, I would like to say sorry if the game looks unpolished. Azusa is an independent game. It is currently being made by a single person with some occasional help. However, the game is focused in its many unique systems, gameplay and features. Azusa is a sandbox game, this means everything ingame is free to be built or destroyed by the players, and these built stuffs are interactable.
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The game isnít just focused in that. The sandbox game style is also organized by an rp enforced system. This system might be very new and innovative for you. What this means it that your character, while you play, will actually have a role in the universe. Depending on the role that they play, they could very well end up in the Story of Azusa. The way that everything functions is co-written by the very situations that take place in the game itself! Even with that, every RP enforced game needs you to understand a few things for it to work. You can read more about it below.
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Azusa has both a main prologue and a complex fantasy universe for you to explore while you rp with everyone. If youíre tired of all of the games based on Greek Gods or Nordic mythology then Azusa definitely is the game for you. Its one of the few stories that follow Christianity, adding its own unique spin to the mix, like in for example, Chronicles of Narnia. you can find more about the game's story and universe when you read the story log. ​
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While you start your adventure as a normal, civil person, your characterís life and personality will change with the universe around you. Depending on the situations around, you could end up one of the heroes to save the world. With that, you could also become one of the very villains who threaten its existence. Donít worry, though. Normal life is still fun so that you donít get bored. You can be a tailor, barber, musician, digger, farmer and even more. Heck, you might end up stronger than the others! Or, if training isnít your style, you could dedicate your gameplay to studying and develop even more technologies. You could even write books that the community could learn from. Work, sell your things, and create contracts with others. Itís all up to you. Itís even possible to build a brand new city and populate it with its own community and everything!​
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Everything in Azusa is so dynamic that even NPC's are up to change and or be customized by the players, depending on every situations and player interests. Basically if you have a high persuasion, you can convince Bandits to become yours NPC, you can customize the NPC as you wish, turning it into a Seller NPC, that helps you to buy and sell your items or services, or a Civil NPC, that tells historys, or have background roles, for example to be ICly your father or mother, and make your character even more complex.
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Like I mentioned before, there is a lot more in Azusa. While we have our own lives and try to survive, there is actual drama taking place. A group of heroes are given Powerful Armor to fight for the life of the civilians against the villains. The underworld army is made up of players that died in the past and were tortured and eventually convinced by the Death Lord to wear one of his armors. When they did, they lost all of their humanity and are now used by the Death Lord to spread evil and chaos on earth. The armor concept is meant to bask in that ď90ís feverĒ. By wearing cool clothes, the heroes get super powers to fight for humanity. Kind of like Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, Saint Seiya and shows like that. Well, nostalgia aside, in Azusa it isnít easy to be a hero. You have to be prepared to fight off evils that may have once been your friends. Now theyíre just demonic puppets whoíll do anything in their power to take your life!​
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Every armor has its own unique skills, but, don`t expect to see repetitive and boring skills in Azusa. I wanted to keep the skills dynamic and give them a much unexpected, unpredictable effect, rather than just damage or spiritual powers. For example, always wanted to have your own paralel universe and keep people there? Opening a portal that drains KO`d people to your universe is really cool! And doesnt end there, these skills were made and planned to help even more the RP experience and you can read more about the list of skills here:
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Keep in mind, Azusa is still in development. There are many, many new things to come. However, as said before, as an independent game, Azusa still needs help. You can help by inviting your friends and showing them the project, giving us suggestions and any way you can think of. We donít have any major way to advertise at the moment so we completely depend on player-to-player contact. So weíre relying on you, yeah, you, to show the site off to your friends. You can even visit and share our Facebook page! All I ask is for your patience. If you need anything, I will be there to respond.


Subscribers get:
*Abillity to Set a Spawn Point
*Extra hairs
*60% chance at making Custom NPC, while players have 1%
*Can create as an Angel
*Can create as a Demon


Concept arts: Inutaishos
Pixel arts: Murilo, Inutaishos
Turf arts: Mack tileset, Celianna, Lunarea, Inutaishos
Story: Inutaishos
Programing: Inutaishos
Owner: Inutaishos

That is a nice line drawing! Add texture and tone to make it look perfecto.
Mt loco esse jogo , mal posso esperar vc acha q vai ter um serv BR? (provavelmente n duraria mt como no pkmn eu acho...)
Vai ter um servidor BR sim, mas vai comecar com um servidor de RP teste em ingles, dps qndo lancar oficialmente devo lancar o BR e o gringo ao msmo tempo,
na verdade isso vai depender do numero de admins aptos me ajudando e tals
Que loco *-* , to ansioso pra jogar o/
e mais uma coisa quando eu tava jogando tem uma parte que vc consegue construir coisas com pedras e madeiras, certo?
Consegui construir com Madeira , derrubando as arvores
Mas como q eu pego pedras? essa parte n entendi :/ , o jogador precisa de alguma picareta ou algo parecido?
Soh atacar as montanhas
(Detalhe que voce aumenta sua habilidade de construcoes lendo um livro, e quao maior for sua habilidade, mais coisas voce pode construir)
aah ta vou tentar agora xD
Vlw o/
Vish...ja n da pra tentar ahsahsah >.<
First impressions are positive, the only thing that I don't see as good is the wipes.
Player's devoting hours to a game only to have their characters destroyed is a bit silly and uncalled for.

If you could come up with a way to "restart" with some of the skills your old character had, that would probably keep players. As things stand tho I have to be honest I probably wouldn't play this game under normal means knowing that my character would get wiped (it would be a waste of time to me)

Also....this file is HUGE o_O