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Medals Itachi4x4 can earn in his favorite games

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Naruto Shinobi Avengers


Play the game for the first time!


Activate the Sharingan for the first time!


Activate the Byakugan for the first time!

Parcel Delivery

Successfully deliver the parcel to your client.

Post Man

Successfully retrieve the Secret Letter (Unavailable)

Dark Apocalypse

All Star Player

Obtain the corosponding rank.


Win 50 arena challenges.

Complete Chaos

Obtain Chaos Demon.

Loose Killer

Get 1000 kills.

Goku's Style

Die 200 times.


Complete the Good Sagas.


Complete the Evil Sagas.

Porunga Grants

Wish for the medal with the Namekian Dragonballs.

Omega Shenron's Nightmire

Wish the medal with the Black Star Dragonballs.

Web Seeker

Visit the forums and Hub via the channels tab.

Best DBZ Game on Byond

Play the game with 50 players and All Star.


Absorb 10 attacks.

Members Support

Show your support when becoming a byond member!

Version 5

Played version 5.

Members Pwns

Played version 5.1b as a byond member.


Reach the corosponding rank.

Wow For Real?

Get this in the members tab.

King of Kings

Reach the corosponding rank.

Quest Master

Complete all quest.

Hello Stranger

Do Tapion's quest.

Happy Halloween!

Talk with Jack O Lantern while the halloween event is happening.

Merry Christmas!

Talk to Santa while the christmas event is taking place.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Time Traveler

Complete Future Bulma's quest.

Wish upon a...All Star?

Wish for the medal using the All Star Dragonballs.

Ban 4 Life

You have been baned from All Star Games.

Evil Saiyan Unlock

You've unlocked the evil saiyan race!

All Star Unlock

You've unlocked the all star race!

Vampire Unlock

You've unlocked the vampire race!

Jester Unlock

You've unlocked the jester race!

Youtube Hero

Go to Sketh's youtube from inside the game.

Tumblr Hero

Go to Sketh's tumblr from inside the game. Hero

Go to Sketh's Twitch from inside the game.

Facebook Visiter

Visit the Dark Apocalypse Facebook page from inside the game.