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Feb 9 2013, 8:25 pm
So tell me James. Whats the Point in ignoring me when you see so many other people do the same thing. Did you ignore Tanktank? Did you ignore Adrian, Sebas, Ron, Boronks, Vegta, Jose, Axel, and many others for doing the same? Well Good luck with that. Also, Whats the point in Typing "Garafolawesome3 has been Added to your Ignore List" in OOC? is this some kind of tradition? you already told me you were ignoring so why did you need to post it in OOC? you think your super important and that everybody should read the Oh so important james actions? well good luck with that. Your obviously one of those guys who don't get out much when someone is obviously kidding around. Do you have parents? are you an orphan? where are your grand parents? your not living a hard life are you? have you ever been bullied? Do you take your frustration out on others? Please tell me because I am curious and would like to know more about you and why you cry over such simple and small things james. I hope to give you good advice :)

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