The Magic Man wrote:
SilkWizard wrote:
I'm way too tired to deal with you Magic Man.

I sent out 8 short emails early Wednesday morning while I was sitting at my computer in my pajamas. From that amount of effort, I'm either the most brilliant "marketing" genius that has ever lived, or the concept of NEStalgia simply caught the interest of lots of people and spread on its own.

Take your pick, I'm going to bed. Probably should have done so two hours ago.

A quick Google for NEStalgia shows that 9 out of 10 websites that have it posted have the exact same article. Word for word, with the same images and video.
So either you wrote that article (in which case, they do not count as a reliable source), or they all copied off of each other (seems unlikely).

But in either case, you sent out emails to several sources, this is self promotion.
The Wikipedia notability page says that independent coverage or recognition of a subject must not be a direct result of promotional activity. Promotional activity is promotional activity, no matter how you want to dress it up.

Maybe you should look at them more closely again.!5768499/ nestalgia-takes-the-mmo-beautifully-back-to-1987 online_multiplayer_rpg_nestalg.html
Simliar? Yes, probably cause they are talking about the same game and Silk probably said in his email that it was like dragon warrior meets WoW.
That one is just a couple words along with the trailer. The trailer is the same because Silk made it for the game. Though you are right in that the game is being 'promoted' by showing a trailer, but it is producing it's own news.
It may be worth noting that games news websites have a nasty habit of more or less pulling off each other's articles verbatim for minor articles, if they think the content is worth it. It was a pretty common problem with writers at when my housemate worked there, and editors tended to only pick up on it half of the time. From my housemate's work, it seems the practice PSU employed was fairly indicative, as you could sometimes find articles on rather boring firmware updates or a niche game that had just ended up as-is on a whole bunch of sites.

PSU put a lot more editorial effort into big news in their area, but the day to day flak people read is a mix of copied content (with minor additions, or just verbatim) and a few pieces they sourced themselves. The issue with the day to day content being the hassle of finding enough of it, daily, at no major cost to the writer.
Stephen001 is completely right. Anyone who thinks that a bunch of popular blogs copying each other is unlikely hasn't ever read a number of popular blogs. The entire Gawker "media network" (lifehacker, gizmodo, kotaku, etc) is made up of reposting other people's content.

There was a recent discussion of this on reddit, you can read about it here.
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