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And what were you getting attacked by that Avast couldn't handle? And let me guess, MSE "quarantined" the infected files?
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Airjoe wrote in [link]:
Avast fell in protection of 0-day attacks, fared worse in protection at runtime, can not remove as well as MSE, slows the computer more than 2x compared to MSE, and yields false positives. Avast was a good program and had a good run. MSE is better, and doesn't require registration every year, either.

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I've been looking for that one for awhile, thanks!
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I'm running avast! and MSE right now, and I've noticed that MSE usually picks up on viruses before avast!
There's one potential culprit I never thought of; my ISP. Just within the last hour, almost every website stopped loading on both my laptop and our family computer. So, I'm going to contact my ISP tomorrow, and hopefully that'll be the problem (the only other alternative after that is router issues (though the router hasn't been touched and I just turned it off for a minute to make sure) or some sort of virus that moves across networks and has an incubation time of sorts).

EDIT:I'm also starting to not be able to access sites on my iPod, which is pretty safe from infection (unless I happened to load a malicious PDF when I opened up wikipedia, or something).

EDIT: Internet's back, but the problem persists; I guess it was just a temporary thing with my ISP.
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Two virus scanners? Yeesh, you must not play any games or anything that'd require no resource hogging.
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Yeah, I haven't really bothered getting rid of avast! yet, and I probably won't until I need to do something resource intensive. I typically don't play much more than BYOND games (and even then, all I've done within the past few weeks was run a few demos).
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Ok, today, I figured that I would upgrade my iPod to a newer firmware version (it was running a version from last year), but not the newest version, so I made a slight change to my hosts file to fake iTunes into thinking that my older firmware was supported. However, iTunes couldn't even access the site I was redirecting it to (, which does load in FireFox).
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Finally found the issue in an iTunes support article; apparently something messed with my proxy settings. All I had to do was disable proxy usage in my internet options (I didn't think to check that earlier because it's under LAN settings).
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LAN is always the first thing to check. :P
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