Do I really have to set up a php enabled webserver to test my scripts? or can I just goto a website or something? help please..
look up EasyPHP

it will allow you to use your computer as a php server (and mysql) then once your do testing just shut it down ^_^
You could ask someone that you know who has their own web server with PHP installed and configured to set something up so that you can test it using theirs. All they would have to do is make a page with a large text input and a submit button that displays what you typed in as a normal page once you submit it.
$file = fopen("test.php","w");
fwrite($file, the text that was input);
echo form with text field and submit button here;
Something along those lines. It's been awhile, so I couldn't remember everything, as you can see.
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EasyPHP kicks ass! Thanks for the link!
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Dang he beat me to it

I officially love php.

In an hour I coded a system that takes user input (Filling out a form to join something) and saves it to a database.


edit: in my first hour of learning PHP I mean, It would take me like 10 minutes now.
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Yes. Don't learn Coldfusion... the web teacher I had last year loved CF.... ugh. It's like HTML on crack. Ugly and not as functional as PHP IMHO

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Then I should plug a site.
Very good PHP website. They've got a lot of articles and last I checked the forum users were helpful and nice.
Although I don't recommend signing up for the 'alert me via e-mail when new content is added', they don't send spam but they do send a lot of new content notifications.
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Useful link, thanks darkview!
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Can't forget (Official site) either. It has one of the best language references I've ever seen. Complete with examples, user-submitted tricks and hints, and all that good stuff.
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This makes me wonder, what have you guys created in PHP? My site uses a little php, but nothing worth noting.
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I have made a few forum systems, the best being ExBB, and the worst being a buggy uncompleated BYOND forum spinoff.

The great thing about ExBB is when you could set a bord and it would show the fist post from each topic, and then lets you veiw the comments. And it was extreamly customisable.

They arnt any really big acomplishments though, a big acomplishment would be somthing like PHPMyAdmin.

If enough people wanted me to finish any of them, I guess I could start working on them again and finish them off.
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I haven't actually used ColdFusion, but I've seen some of its code. It's a bit ugly because all the code is mixed in with the HTML, but a lot of PHP gets written that way as well. I can tolerate it, especially as it's really fast to parse. =)

The real strength of ColdFusion is the server software itself. I have (or had) the developer edition installed, and I was actually quite impressed. It's a pretty solid app, if it's the kind of thing you're looking for. Not much use to hobbyists, but I can see a medium- or large-sized company liking it. It's not all bad.

Mind you, I saw the ColdFusion code because it was badly coded (SQL injection exploits galore), and the server chose to show me the surrounding lines of code when an error occurred (which I could do by mangling the SQL due to aforementioned exploits)... but that was probably the fault of whoever wrote it and set up the server. =)

I find traditional PHP code to be pretty ugly. I haven't played with OO in PHP, though, which I imagine would produce much cleaner and more logical code.
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Scoobert wrote:
This makes me wonder, what have you guys created in PHP? My site uses a little php, but nothing worth noting.

all of my clients' websites use PHP in some form or fashion. a really cool thing is to get PHP/MySQL and Javascript, even better: PHP and Flash, to work together to create some neat effects. - in the Werke section I used PHP/MySQL to dynamically populate a Javascript multi-image roll-over script. when you roll-over the small images of products at the top, the left image, center text, and right image change.

under the 'Ausstellerverzeichnis' section of , i again used PHP/MySQL to populate the tree menu for listing exhibitors at the different castles and venues.

on i used PHP to read the contents of image folders and build up a slideshow for each section dynamically. all the client has to do is upload new photos whenever he wants.

in one of my first German websites, EnergieKontor (monitors profit made by Wind-Parks in Europe) wpertragsdaten.php?wpid=zt
i used several PHP libraries to allow the client to upload an Excel spreadsheet, have the site parse the data inside it, then generate a bar graph created from that data.

PHP rocks, and certainly helps pay the bills! :-)
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Woah, you have done some nice stuff in PHP digi, I hope to be able to do that sort of thing one day.
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I like the syntax of PHP over CF simply because I think HTML is a horribly ugly scripting language.

The basic syntax of PHP, on the other hand, reminds me of the syntax of C-like languages =?

*Shrugs* Meh. Maybe I'm just weird. =)

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What the crap is this ->
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SSJ2GohanDBGT wrote:
What the crap is this ->

For Moderators, I guess.

Kinda silly I think. :p
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Wow stop being better than everyone else! =D

Nice stuff.

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I started making a game with Airjoe a while back in PHP. I had just learned it (Easiest language I ever learned, as it only took me 2 days before I started doing everything I wanted to do.) and wanted a project to practice on, and he had just learned it shortly before.

It was a graphical, tile-based game with links around the map view to give commands, and you clicked on the map where you wanted to move to. The biggest problem was that the program had drastically different effects based on what OS/server-app were used to host and what ones to view. After messing around with it for much time, trying to get all the features to work perfect for all users on at least one OS/server-app combination and failing, I got frustrated and gave up.

Most things we had to work around weren't too bad, and were only the straws that broke the camel's back sort of thing. The thing that upset me most was that I could not have fluid movement for all users. The fluid motion was supposed to come by having the PHP sleep and then resend information, using the flush functions, I think they were. Anyway, it would only work for me as a user, and even then only if Airjoe hosted it with a specific webserver application and only on his Linux OS.

Why make a feature if only a select minority of the users will get to see it? And why make the game if the whole style of gameplay we were going for isn't going to work? So we quit. I'm hoping we can get back into it someday after I take the time to learn Javascript, which I'm assuming will make many things much better.
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