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Jerrodmat's Games
Bleach Black Rain
New bleach game need a good coder so that way we can make it better
About Bleach Black Rain
Code Geass R2 Death knightmares
Its either you become a king or a pawn. Most ppl are open but some of us chose in advance open exept for Zero/Lelouch and i am looking for a coder and a mapper. There are specail Nightmare frames for GM and better ones for Owners
Dragonball z Rose of Darkness
a new game, hosted by one of the best hosts of dragonball dark apocalypes, Plz come on in,sure there isnt a great selection but i dont have any GM yet and i need some sources if you Have one plz help me
Gundam 00 harm of trans-arms
Not just 00 but all the other ones but if i dont have one you want then tell me and i will add diff Gundam For diff Orginizations
About Gundam 00 harm of trans-arms
Inuyasha a Demons Rage
This is will be the second game of inuyasha on byond! NO IT IS NOT A RIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
About Inuyasha a Demons Rage
Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn: Flames Of Heaven
A KHR game made by a few guys unrecognized, that was put down a long time ago, this rly isnt a rip.... I was a part of that team btw, im not just rippin em.
Kindom Hearts Bonds Of Blood
Hey come on in this is gona be the best kingdom hearts game ever need a coder at the moment and if your interested add me to your pager so we can talk My key is Jerrodmat .Will you give into the dark or enbrasse the Light its your call
Naruto Legond of Flash
Cool game. Come play (no subclans yet but soon there will )
About Naruto Legond of Flash
Pokemon Rise of Light
A new game. One that will be one of the best on byond. Come on in and have some fun in need of a GFX and a code helper
About Pokemon Rise of Light
Spider rider power of aracna
a new spider rider game i am makeing in need of coders mappers and sub pixel artists and a host, CALLING ALL SPIDER RIDERS!!!!!!!
About Spider rider power of aracna