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Jinjo21's Games
Hatred....Loathing...War...Violence....Computer Crimes
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WoT:The Lost Age
A game based on the book series the Wheel of Time.
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Jinjo21's Demos
AI Demo
This is just a short little demo that has Human AI and Monster AI.
About AI Demo
Client Side Saving
A saving system that works on multiple servers.
About Client Side Saving
A first person type - shooter with source code included
About FirstPerson
HTML Shopkeeper
This is an alternative way to do a shopkeeper. Its done with HTML and topic()'s.
About HTML Shopkeeper
Statpanel Shopkeeper
A new effective way of doing shopkeeping with statpanels.
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Jinjo21's Libraries
A game security system with lots of features
About ShadowSecurity
build lib
this is a build lib it has all you need for a user object that allows for building objects
About build lib