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If you used 'make install' as root you shouldn't have to use the source command at all, did you use 'make here' by mistake? It also helps permission-wise to put it outside of a user's home directory, in a more root directory.
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Hrm, I believe I did use make here. make install does not seem to work, however and displays this:
if [ ! -d /usr/local/byond ]; then mkdir /usr/local/byond; fi
cp -R cfg bin /usr/local/byond
if [ "" = "yes" ]; then \
chown root /usr/local/byond/bin/DreamDaemon; \
chmod a+xs /usr/local/byond/bin/DreamDaemon; \
if [ "" = "yes" ]; then \
chown root host/host.dmb; \
chmod a+xs host/host.dmb; \
fi \
ln -f -s /usr/local/byond/bin/DreamDaemon /usr/local/bin/DreamDaemon
ln -f -s /usr/local/byond/bin/DreamSeeker /usr/local/bin/DreamSeeker
ln -f -s /usr/local/byond/bin/DreamMaker /usr/local/bin/DreamMaker
ln -f -s /usr/local/byond/man/man6/DreamDaemon.6 /usr/share/man/man6/DreamDaemon.6
ln -f -s /usr/local/byond/man/man6/DreamMaker.6 /usr/share/man/man6/DreamMaker.6
ln -f -s /usr/local/byond/man/man6/DreamSeeker.6 /usr/share/man/man6/DreamSeeker.6

You can find out more about the software by doing 'man DreamDaemon'.
A host server has also been included so edit host/hostconf.txt and
boot up your world server!

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That actually means it worked.
In response to Jmurph (#15)
Jmurph wrote:
Heh. I guess now that DigitalBYOND is gone, Slicehost will be getting some BYOND business.

$5-$10 bucks a month gets a BYOND hosting package over at
In response to Nadrew (#22)
Well, yes and no. It still keeps giving me the bad world error....
In response to Jmurph (#24)
The bad world error at least means DreamDaemon is installed correctly and that it's working, any other situation results in more elaborate errors and DD won't load at all.

You can always confirm your installation with the 'DreamDaemon -version' command, it displays your DD version, if it outputs anything you'd expect then you're golden.

To fix your error you may want to look at the '.byond' directory under /root, if there's anything in the cache or cfg folders try deleting them. The directory is a hidden directory (thus the prefixed .) so it won't be visible with a straight ls or dir command; you can use the -a parameter to view hidden files.

You may also want to see if there are .byond directories in the folders in your /home directory, if so do the same for their cfg and cache folders.

I say this because the only times I've experienced this error without any other information is either a corrupt cache, corrupt configuration file, or it could be savefiles from the game you're trying to run, if the game crashes from a runtime error or from trying to load a bad file before it really starts up it'll spit out that error.

Summary: Check your cache and cfg folders, any savefiles or files loaded on the fly by your game, and any runtime errors or issues that may cause it to crash shortly after starting.
In response to Flick (#14)
Hrmm.. I have gone back and done the install off root, but keep getting the BYOND bad world error. Did you have any trouble with this?

My BYOND dmb files are stored under /BYOND/project_name/project_name.dmb, so it seems to find them okay.
In response to Jmurph (#26)
Nope, no problem. I've got three games running fine. I'm not honestly sure what version they are compiled in though. You might want to try downgrading and recompiling. It should work as is, but I'd test it anyway.
In response to Nadrew (#25)
DreamDaemon version reports:
<code> BYOND 4.0 (Version 419.985) on Linux </code>
so all is well there.

Nothing under .byond/cache or ./byond/cfg (though they do exist).

Two odd things I've noticed that may or may not be related:
1) Everytime I log in to root I get this:
<code> -bash: /home/jmurph/byond/bin/byondsetup: No such file or directory </code>
Also every time I login in I must export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/byond/bin

I have tried just starting a very simple world of 1 file containing only
src << "You logged in!"
still a bad world error.
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Navigate to the directory the dmb is in and run it as an executable script.


Should do it, if not run 'sh [filename]'

Tell me what it outputs.
Once I ran DreamDaemon from the /byond/bin/projectname dir, it would start up fine!

Now I have yet another question. When I log out of PUTTY it kills the DreamDaemon process. How to I allow the process to remain up even when I log out of the slice?
In response to Jmurph (#30)
I believe if you put a & at the end of the execution line, it won't terminate when your connection does.
In response to Volte (#31)
It worked! Thank you very much to all the replying posters!
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