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Jnice3000's Favorite Games

by Drakiel | Sep 4 2006
Tags: chat
Fun place to chat.
by Simcra | Jul 21 2011
Yet another one of BYONDs great roleplay based games.
by Simcra | May 29 2010
Tags: survival
Make your way to the top. Survive the Warfare!
by Stad | Sep 22 2004
Tags: casual, chat
Welcome to the mall of all malls, OMEGA MALL! In This game you can create an empire or just work for someone and help ...
Welcome to the reviving world of PRS. Be a Pokemon or trainer! New : Wiped to fix save bug.
by Mysterious Dome | Oct 31 2009
Currently being recoded from a scratch, expect us to be up in a while again..
by Mattzz_2 | Jul 14 2007
Tags: anime
Be a Trainer or Pokemon. Faster Leveling and Great GMs.
by Simcra | Dec 28 2010
Tags: chat
Chat console developed for use by Simcra and his friends.
Work in progress
by Resman | Oct 8 2007
Tags: chat
Its just a chat game where you can randomly mess with my bad icons while talking.

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