Critter Collector by Johan411
Play as a villager set in medieval times you have 3 minutes to save your village from starvation by collecting and returning forest animals to your village. Be sure you watch out for Honey Badgers they are very deadly!
1 fan · Created Sep 25 2011
My GiaD for 2011!

Click here for a zipped copy(Doesnt require byond installed)

Object of the game: Help your village escape starvation, Gather up as many forest animals and return them to the village before the time runs out.
Score high enough and you will earn a place in the high scores!

Movement = Up, Down, Left, Right
Collect = + (Add)
Release = Enter (Return)

Additional Information:
Chooses randomly from 4 different maps to play.
Earn Medals and high scores.
And much more.

The sound effects are outstanding.
lol, thanks
Would be better if multiplayer :D
SoulEnvy wrote:
Would be better if multiplayer :D

Thank you for the suggestion, i may make the game multiplayer in future updates :)