Poll: How is the face(In quality not how ugly it looks as a face)

Meh 41% (12)
Its ok... 27% (8)
Its good 17% (5)
Its great 10% (3)
I love it! 3% (1)

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I've been doing pixel art for a while now and I want you guys to judge it Photobucket
i dont think it makes much sense including a poll if you're looking for C&C

First id like to say its a pretty nice start.but your color choice is pretty poor. Id say not to use 0,0,0 or pure black as it really makes this piece back.

The colors you have are it most cases just luminosity shifts.Instead of black i give her(?) hair a low saturated blue or purple as a base color and probably use a slightly more saturated blue for highlights and purple or a darker blue for shadows.
Thanks for your thoughts. I'll do that one my next one(By the way it has no gender lol)