Well, I decided I want to get better at pixel art. If anyone(Better than me) is good and willing I would love his/her help in making me a better pixel artist. I'm not 100% sure but I might buy whoever helps me a membership, remember I need someone good please(And no, I don't want someone to keep linking me to tutorials only and never actually helping himself). :)
Read some tutorials.
Yeah, tutorials. Takes less than 5 minutes to read some and gain an understanding of how you should draw things.
I've read most of the good tutorials. That's how I've gotten the understanding I have so far.
I know that, just want some 1 vs 1 help.
Best thing to do is read up on a few tutorials (Such as Neblims) and practice. You won't excell from spending countless hours learning from someone else's work. You will get a bit better, but practice makes perfect, with time.
I'll HELP! Not professional though and I dont follow guides.