Guardians The Last Gestu by KKx20Sasuke
My Manga I made Called Guardians
4 fans · Created Feb 7 2010
I need a mapper coder Host and 2 pixel artist

Be a Human Guardain To kill other players its
PVP Gameplay.
If you want to be part of this game contact me at
Or post a comment because i need some Names because theres only 52 people alone in the series so be free to comment.



Creed Pictures, Images and Photos
Creed the mastermind of the game

And the brotherhood
vizard Pictures, Images and Photos
Now acinet leader airosaki owns this
in the seris

Death Angel Pictures, Images and Photos
The grim reaper is a royal and the 1st from the serpents to appear in the series in the game you see him you run or hell say something

Young Money Force

Young Money
One of the characters that i will draw :/

1st one to comment gets too be a Main character in Part two of Guardians
The idea behind this game is as good as its graphics.