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KageKnightTTV's Favorite Games

by Johan411 | Jun 1 2021
Engage yourself into a world of magic and fantasy, Embark on a new adventure in this free to play casual role playing ...
by Cyber Gaming | Apr 10 2021
Fight. Explore. Survive.
by Inuyashaisbest | Aug 16 2019
Tags: action, adventure, rpg
Fight. Explore. Survive.

KageKnightTTV's Favorite Resources

by Woo | Aug 4 2017
Automatically enters full screen when logging in, and allows toggling full screen using Escape or F4.
by Johan411 | May 31 2021
Tags: input
An alternative to alerts/text input
by Yorae | Jun 1 2006
Tags: effects
Luminosity Demo it shows darkness and light in game
by DivineTraveller | Sep 25 2009
Tags: database
Save mobs to a mysql database.
by Abrax | Oct 26 2009
Tags: time
Easy way to display time with am/pm