Which (if any) mouse proc is called for over_object when you're dragging an object?
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No, that is only called when no mouse buttons are pressed.

I'm mouse-dragging object A over object B.
A.MouseDrag() is called with over_object == B.
Nothing seems to be called for B.
This is a problem, because I need params for a mouse event over B.
Wouldn't the parameters for B's event (if there was one) be the same as the parameters for A.MouseDrag() when over_object is B?
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Actually, I'm trying to drag one object by activating mouse-tracking on mousedown or mousedrag. Unfortunately, although "mouse tracker" appears in the status bar, there's nothing called for it that I can use for mouse_tracker.update().
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Could you somehow hard-code these procs to make them do your desired actions?
Call MouseEntered() within MouseDrag()

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You can't call the mouse procedures and expect them to have any of the appropriate arguments set automatically.