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Programmer for Hazordhu. Helps the code newbs. Manages the BYOND Discord.


Aug 1 2019, 12:23 pm
oi o meu jogo ta bugado acho, eu tava jogando spacestation13 e simplesmente eu nao consiguia ver os bonecos eles estavam invisiveis e so dava para ver o cabelo e eu nao sei oque fazer pode me ajudar
Apr 20 2018, 8:56 pm
Tabletop graphics are cheap to import.
Tabletop touch-mechanics were cheap to install. If you invest your 500. you could prototype one game. And hold onto it LMAO
Aug 8 2016, 1:24 pm

The <dm> tag has a width of 99 columns.
Jun 21 2015, 9:06 pm
I saw you pop over into my little 2D MUCK. Sorry I wasn't around to say hello!
Jun 13 2015, 10:37 pm
wtf are you doing on this website kao

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Kaiochao's Favorite Games

by CliffracerX | Apr 14 2014
Tags: rpg
A cool, lowrez RPG game.
by D4RK3 54B3R | Aug 13 2013
Tags: scifi, shooter
Blast your friends away, trade your way to riches, and build your fame in this sandbox space game!
by Sharp | Oct 24 2002
Tags: building
Submerge yourself into a life you create. Interact with a world, you help to shape.
by Kaiochao | Oct 13 2012
Compete for the top score!
by IainPeregrine | Sep 18 2010
A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch
by Xooxer | Sep 7 2006
Tags: chat
Still the greatest chat program on BYOND!
by A2J2TIWARI | Jul 8 2013
Laughed Already? Wondering what the Game is All About? Play to Figure Out!
by Yut Put | Aug 12 2017
Made for GIAD 2017
Collect orbs of the green variety.
Explore a vast open world full of dangers and wonders
by Hedgemistress | Sep 13 2002
Serious role-playing-oriented game world, with animals.
by Kaiochao | Jan 6 2014
A clone of Terry Cavanagh's Hexagon.
Survive in a town that has been quarantined and abandoned.
by Yut Put | Feb 2 2015
Tags: building
Discover who truly is the Lord of the Bugs in this extremely deep and immersive sandbox role-playing game.
by The Magic Man | Oct 11 2013
Tags: cards, contest
A collectible card game.
by F0lak | Sep 30 2010
Become a member of an elite team of ninja in this addictive ninjatastic adventure!
by Forum_account | Feb 29 2012
A playable demo created with the Pixel Movement library.
by Oasiscircle | Aug 13 2012
A multi-player roguelike set in a fantasy medieval period!
by Pixel Realms | Apr 13 2016
A 2D Action-MORPG.
by Kaiochao | Mar 23 2011
Tags: action, shooter
Little blue circles shooting red circles!
by Kaiochao | Jan 5 2014
Tags: arcade, shooter
Take over the ship!
by Kaiochao | Jan 8 2014
Sling balls into buckets!
by Falcon lazorz | Jan 6 2014
Tags: casual, pvp, shooter
These planes are out of this World
by F0lak | Jan 19 2010
Fight as a Clone Trooper to save the galaxy from the Seperatists!
Fight as a Clone Trooper to save the galaxy from the Seperatists, in space!
by Deathbot 01 | Jun 11 2015
An open-world RPG with a unique class and skill system.
by Kaiochao | Nov 11 2015
A simulation of a tabletop covered in interactive things.
by Kaiochao | Jan 7 2014
A very simple puzzle game.
by OneFishDown | Jun 16 2003
An isometric RPG engine with fully rotatable view.
by Yut Put | Mar 3 2013
its an rpg

Kaiochao's Favorite Resources

My life's work, 100% free.
by DarkCampainger | Jun 20 2012
Tags: dll, files, icons
Retrieve extra information about a DMI file--directions, delays, movement, ect--with this handy DLL

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