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Dec 24 2012, 4:05 pm
PLease Unbann me from your RPU server i cant take it anymore its like the Funnest RPU server ive eveer played and by the way please tell me what metagaming is i heard it before but i didnt know what it ment Please!!

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Sigrogana Legend 2

Da Da Da Daaa

Obtain a certain item on the third floor of the Jammer Cavern.

Earned on Jan 26 2015, 1:38 am

Beginner Hexer

Unlock the Hexer promoted class for Mage.

Earned on Jan 26 2015, 4:07 am


Reach character level 10.

Earned on Jan 26 2015, 10:41 am


Reach character level 20.

Earned on Jan 26 2015, 10:41 am


Reach character level 30.

Earned on Jan 26 2015, 10:41 am


Reach character level 40.

Earned on Jan 26 2015, 10:41 am

Expert Black Knight

Reach class level 30 with the Black Knight promoted class.

Earned on Jan 28 2015, 12:25 am

Expert Ghost

Reach class level 30 with the Ghost promoted class.

Earned on Jan 28 2015, 1:07 am

Violent Meeting

Walk away victorious from a certain meeting at the bottom floor of the Jammer Cavern.

Earned on Jan 28 2015, 8:20 am

Expert Evoker

Reach class level 30 with the Evoker promoted class.

Earned on Jan 28 2015, 12:48 pm

I Guess It Isn't Always Swordfish

Learn the password from a certain cat-eared detective.

Earned on Aug 27 2015, 4:32 am

I Found It So It's Mine

Obtain a certain band from a certain secret base.

Earned on Aug 27 2015, 4:44 am

Violent Reunion

Help calm down an old acquaintance in a very hot arena.

Earned on Aug 27 2015, 5:04 am

Beginner Demon Hunter

Unlock the Demon Hunter promoted class for Soldier.

Earned on Aug 27 2015, 5:04 am


Reach character level 50.

Earned on Feb 1 2016, 5:50 am

Beginner Verglas

Unlock the Verglas promoted class for Martial Artist.

Earned on Feb 1 2016, 11:29 am

Beginner Grand Summoner

Unlock the Grand Summoner promoted class for Summoner.

Earned on Feb 1 2016, 11:37 am

Beginner Tactician

Unlock the Tactician promoted class for Soldier.

Earned on Feb 1 2016, 11:46 am

Beginner Priest

Unlock the Priest promoted class for Curate.

Earned on Feb 1 2016, 11:50 am

Does Something Smell Burnt

Stick your weapon in the wrong enemy.

Earned on Jul 20 2017, 8:47 am

Beginner Black Knight

Unlock the Black Knight promoted class for Soldier.

Earned on Jul 31 2017, 3:02 am