Naruto : Kurai War by KaruoUchiha
based off of Naruto Reincarnation 3. Welcome to Naruto : Kurai War.
5 fans · Created Dec 6 2010

Welcome to the HUB.


~Game Staff~

Owner: KaruoUchiha

Co-Owner: Freezer1

Game Moderator: Argathax

Game Moderator: LuanBJJ


~Game Rules~

[1.] Do not kill in Village Academy. [Jail]

[2.] Do not ask for Game Moderator. [Mute]

[3.] Do not advertise other BYOND Games. [IP Ban]

[4.] Do not harass a Player because of their sex, race, religion, beliefs, etc.

[5.] Do not ask for help with your own BYOND Game. [Mute]


Thank You