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Dude. That's just, like, your opinion... and junk.


May 6 2014, 7:49 pm
There is no excuse for justice backed with truth.

Your guilty of disrespecting the nexus. While I don't mind that you disrespect me, the nexus is MEANT to be the highest level of authority over gaming(at least that for now).

So... like it or not, you and the other admins have no choice but to coordinate ghazmar - the chosen nexus game. But ONLY that.

The nexus asks for only 10% of your gaming time, which you can store up over a 1-week period. That's all.

I hate control... but I'm a guy of his principles even over that. So there you have it.

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Keeth's Libraries
Text argument parsing.
About kArguments
Replaces [input() as command_text] for faster input responses.
Re: About kCommandInput
A text handling library to replace/supplement Deadron.TextHandling.