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Pokemon Renewed From Dust

Quest 1

Finish the First Quest

PVP Battle

Earn this Medal by Battling another Player Online!

Bulbasaur Fan

Join the Tree Slashing Grass Club by choosing Bulbasaur as your Starter!

Squirtle Fan

Join the Squirtle Squad by Chosing Squirtle as your Starter!

Gym Badge 1

Get this badge for Defeating Leader Lorona!

Pokemon: Shadows of Darkness

Legend Master

... How did you get a legendary... Now others will envy you

Flying Badge

Haha! The flying gym leader was beaten by you!

Bug Badge

Dang! You must of crushed them bugs!

Rock Badge

Wowza! You smashed them rocks witha hammer!

Water Badge

Cool! A little water won't stop you!
Fire Badge

Awesome! You're on fire!
Ice Badge

Man! You're cold as ice!

Pokemon Blazing Battles

Playing The Game

Ohhhhhh ya u played PBB for the first timeever

Rock Badge

Obtain The Rock Badge

Water Badge

Obtain The Water Badge

Grass Badge

Obtain The Grass Badge

Thunder Badge

Obtain The Thunder Badge

ALL Badges

Obtain all badges

Bleach: Hollow Flash

Gave In

Go into the dark


Find the light

Dead-Man Walking

Die 50 times

Soul Eater

Devour 100 Souls

Perform 100 Soul Burials
Devour of Worlds

Devour 500 Souls
Captain Planet

Perform 500 Soul Burials

Reach level 100
Average Weakling

Reach level 250
Walk the Line

Reach level 500
Crush the Line

Reach level 1000

Reach level 10000 as a shinigami

Espada Class

Become an Espada

Naruto Chaos Awakening


Become The Leader Of Your Village


Abandon Your Village

Org Leader

Run A Orginization


Achieve Mangekyou Sharingan

Eternal Mangekyou

Achieve Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan


Subscribe To Our Game

Root Captain

Become your Villages ANBU Root Captain

Dragon Ball GT Shattered Worlds

Lvl 500k

Reach level 500000

Lvl 1Mill

Reach Level 1000000

Coming Soon


100 Arena Wins
Loose Killer

Kill 100 people
Goku's Style

Die 500 times
Anger Management

Witness 100 deaths

Complete the sagas

Complete Good Saga
Nothing But Time

Play for over 100 hrs