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I have unbanned you from infinite realms sphax

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Kevins16's Favorite Games

by Vampires | Nov 14 2009
We were born.....But now were Reborn
Constantly Being Updated
by Biggzhhs | May 17 2008
Welcome to Bleach: Lost Souls
by VcentG | Aug 6 2005
Tags: action, sports
It's Dodgeball... or is it? There's more than just humans v.s. humans in this fun addicting game. Host files available.
With a Nintendo character under your control, you either run and hide from or chase your friends in many classic levels. ...
by Enigmaster2002 | Aug 22 2003
Tags: building, chat, icons
The only published game in its genre.
by Devourer Of Souls | Dec 3 2007
Tags: anime
Anime, horror, survival, mystery, murder, intrigue! All rolled into one little school. Ain't it fun?
by Atmonkey28 | Jul 10 2010
Were back after a long wait
New Naruto Game To BYOND, We Are Making It Amazing Original And All New Things Join And See For Yourself Please Enjoy ...
by Josevisaez | Oct 26 2008
come and join us today!!!!!!!!!!!
by Josevisaez | Feb 16 2009
I new game!
Need 24/7 Host
by NNF Productions | Dec 26 2010
Tags: anime
A New Definition To The Ninja World...A growing community with consistent updates.
My first naruto game enjoy it when its done
by Naruto 5292 | Apr 8 2010
Tags: anime
Newly Updated with great players
by Josevisaez | Oct 24 2008
a naruto game, coming!!!! Searching for a host, if you are one contact me:, also searching for ...
A fast paced game, with a great staff. Come join!
by Axerob | Oct 7 2006
Tags: anime
Version 3.1 has been released, come try it out!
Experience the Best Naruto Game on the Planet! Do missions, never give up, and never hurt your fellow comrades. Sure, in ...