Hey My name is Chris and now that im half way done with collage i have loads of free time and im always on byond (i can host a server)C.batiste@hotmail.com
I am Arotisan and I am an Iconnist. I have iconned for a few Bleach games so far. I am very talented at art and can also make banners, designs, titles and buttons for this game if you like.
Give me a reply on my email: abhi_hero@hotmail.com

Btw, I only work with good programmers so experts can work with experts.
Had my hopes up when i saw "Naruto Online" because i thought it was the original one created by Nerd but alas. Still looks good though and anything that Zane444 had a part to play in must be entertaining.
How can make your own game and design everything
by no rip its good yes
@YutPut:Not quiet sure what YutPut meant,i saw the word rip XD...just saying its not!

@Bloodwolfboy:Use DreamMaker and learn how to Program/Pixel Art

@Lordjamex: Zane444 gave me permission to use an old 32x32 base, wich i no longer use,so...Zane444 has nothing to do with Naruto Online anymore.
my hypocratic comment read as:
"Oh hey, you're stupid, why are you even asking this on some random game's comment page? It's probably because the only byond games you ever see are rips and this is the first original that's met your noobish eyes"

and lol kid i know =P
hehe yeah i forgot =D.
Hey think you could give me a hand on a few stuff? if so,add me: amirhassan1@hotmail.com
No response?
Then I will take the answer to my application as a no.
Here is a suggestion i think you have a great game and all but you should really focus on the map a little more :_
hello I love your game please let your game do in Spanish and put it on
Hi. My name is Bankai(Mf2) I'm a programmer, been doin it for some years now. I'm willing to help your game, it has a lot of potential. I'm a programmer, mapper, interface artist, and a idealist. I feel I can help this game out a lot I'm a expert programmer but havnt had time to work on my games but now that I have my laptop I think I can be a lot of use to you.

If your interested please contact me at mick3y_09@hotmail.com. just email me then we'll talk from there and I'M
Thanks for your time

Sincerely, Bankai
Game is slowly progressing go on forums if you want to know something...
im kinda new on dis game but how come i cant join the game
o its closed ok

whats forum link???
if i join this forum will i be able to play rite now???
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